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Southeastern Library Association (SELA)



For over sixty years, the Southeastern Library Association has been a unifying force strong enough to influence legislation and to attract foundation and federal funds for regional library projects. The accomplishments of the Association include two regional library surveys; the adoption of school library standards; the establishment of state library agencies and the position of state school library supervisor; the founding of library schools; the sponsoring of a variety of informative workshops; and the publication of significant regional research and a professional journal which has received national recognition.

Found in 78 Collections and/or Records:

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.43, No.01 and No.02, Spring and Summer 1993

 Digital Work
Collection number: 927311e6-e000-4f16-a55e-671bd25a3dec
Dates: Spring and Summer 1993

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.43, No.03, Fall 1993

 Digital Work
Collection number: 271ede7a-1e5f-46b6-9715-40edbbe4fad1

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.43, No.04, Winter 1993

 Digital Work
Collection number: 5a1f72f0-adae-4e05-a357-ab269af7349c

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.44, No.01, Spring 1994

 Digital Work
Collection number: a985f431-e2e5-4394-8e4a-c2d478777f6e

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.44, No.02, Summer 1994

 Digital Work
Collection number: 24d25029-aa20-4157-a937-e25b3e5eb61f

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.44, No.03, Fall 1994

 Digital Work
Collection number: 38bbdec4-9fb0-4638-b12c-d3eeaefce506

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.44, No.04, Winter 1994

 Digital Work
Collection number: f49105c3-230c-4e60-9269-8bdd64cb2089

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.45, No.3-4, Fall/Winter 1995

 Digital Work
Collection number: cfd3bcd5-3603-4941-a616-731c96313e78

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.46, No.1, Spring 1996

 Digital Work
Collection number: a212516d-e181-4c2f-b556-61cd17642e7a

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.46, No.2-4, Summer/Fall/Winter 1996

 Digital Work
Collection number: 605620b8-95c8-4504-920c-aac5beac11a4
Dates: Summer/Fall/Winter 1996

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.47, No.1-3, Spring/Summer/Fall 1997

 Digital Work
Collection number: 13a87e57-0f95-4d8f-8f4f-cd269204b62e
Dates: Spring/Summer/Fall 1997

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.47, No.04, Winter 1998

 Digital Work
Collection number: 617b7065-864c-4842-819a-7b894e7a7dc8

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.48-49, No.04-01, 2000-2001

 Digital Work
Collection number: f5b9cc0f-b15b-437f-8961-1740780b96d4

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.48, No.1, Spring 1999

 Digital Work
Collection number: 0c41c43f-00bf-4bb6-aaeb-5d40e3453ef0

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.48, No.2, Summer 1999

 Digital Work
Collection number: aad949be-fd94-43ff-8b99-0b2c34cc81f1

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.49, No.2, Summer 2001

 Digital Work
Collection number: f5a64375-df6f-4fa9-9847-919dcf452fbc

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.49, No.3-4, Fall/Winter 2001

 Digital Work
Collection number: cb07d049-8131-46a5-9a61-da2cbce00377

The Southern Book Competition (SELA)

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-596-1