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Muntean, Fritz, 1939-


Parallel Names

  • Mayawright, 1939-
  • Muntean, Frederick Dean, 1939-
  • Muntean, Fredrick, 1939-


Fritz Muntean has been active in the Craft since the early 1960s. He was a co-founder of California's NROOGD trad, and holds order and honourary degrees in several other traditions. Fritz returned to university in the mid 90s and earned an MA in Religious Studies. He edited The Pomegranate: The Journal of Pagan Studies until 2003, and works to promote Pagan scholarship and the academic study of Craft organization and theology. He lives in Vancouver. -Source

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Fritz Muntean Collection

Collection number: MS-150-24
Content Description

Contains electronic documents related to NROOGD, homilies given by Muntean, biographical information for a memoir, the first 18 issues of the Pomegranate, and email related to AAR

Dates: 1970 - 2021

Pomegranate 1 (February 1997)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-01

Pomegranate 2 (August 1997)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-02

Pomegranate 3 (February 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-03

Pomegranate 4 (May 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-04

Pomegranate 5 (August 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-05

Pomegranate 6 (November 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-06

Pomegranate 7 (February 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-07

Pomegranate 8 (May 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-08

Pomegranate 9 (August 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-09

Pomegranate 10 (November 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-10

Pomegranate 11 (February 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-11

Pomegranate 12 (May 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-12

Pomegranate 13 (August 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-13

Pomegranate 14 (November 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-14

Pomegranate 15 (February 2001)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-15

Pomegranate 16 (May 2001)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-16

Pomegranate 17 (August 2001)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-17

Pomegranate 18 (February 2002)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-18

The Pomegranate: A New Journal of Neopagan Thought, Issues 1-18 (Electronic Records), 1997-2002

 Record Group
Collection number: MS/150/24/01
Scope and Contents

The Pomegranate: A New Journal of Neopagan Thought, issues 1-18, 1997-2002. Electronic records. 18 PDF files. Available on Vtext at

Dates: 1997-2002