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Babylonian Clay Tablets Website and Files

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 88D4D77D-CCCF-86A7-4EAC-E5E321F361A0

Council on Staff Affairs (COSA), Minutes, January 2019 and Agenda, February 2019

 Digital Work
Collection number: 8938637C-7269-8581-45AD-D7C0047B1A60
Dates: January 22, 2019; February 19, 2019

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (Vtext URL)

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 10428/725

Land Grant, Glynn County, c.1829-1831.

 Digital Record
Collection number: vsu018-001os-001-004

Phi Delta Delta, 1969-1970

 Digital Collection
Collection number: vf_d1-f19
Dates: Digitized: 2022-09-22

Sports Medicine Electronic Records, 1985-2020

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 8333FC27-B131-F5AC-4D12-0F4632DF1085

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) [5], [no. 1] (Hallow 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: C835B723-7CC5-058E-4AB9-943D7A24EC59

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 2 (Yule, 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 845D8F3F-5453-C7A0-4E2A-5C2B47FFBD5C

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 3 (Candlemas, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: D411F819-B3B9-B2B5-4F76-B619F2805A88

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) [5], [no. 4] (Eostara, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 57002C3D-7179-839C-47ED-37905C942211

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 5 (Beltane, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: F069CD95-F301-65A6-4717-9775432322E8

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 6 (Midsummer, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 6CA49C9C-0FBB-CB97-4805-8EBB67290CAD

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 7 (Lammas, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 8FF10259-D46D-8FBF-447D-4F0AE5C9DD53

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 8 (Harvest Home, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 9190F00B-51E1-5395-45E0-760372E4F41E

Valdosta State University Newsroom (Web Archive), 1998-2021

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 6C28FB77-E11B-D698-4C81-E74348917443
Dates: 1998-11-09 - 2021-06-21