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Children of the Earth. 1, no.1 (Candlemas, 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 1F28228B-E2F0-7882-4FCD-0C65B3EE9C84

Children of the Earth. 1, no.3 (Lammas, 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 55DDFFB0-B716-D1AA-49DE-68D3C8649701

Children of the Earth. 1, no.4 (Samhain, 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: B834FBB8-6103-23B9-4D1F-D6D44D0C6D5C

Children of the Earth. No. 5 (Candlemas, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 4412A5CA-1626-01BC-4957-D60946D94C0E

Children of the Earth. no.6 (Beltane, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 6B45D706-B229-908F-48D9-CBB69F7CD5D4

Children of the Earth. no.7 (Fall Equinox, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: AD2F1BD7-DAF0-E089-4A1E-BF276B057483

Children of the Earth. no.8 (1983)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 3B0943DF-3389-14AA-46F3-165C5C20C7CE

Children of the Earth. No.9 (Midsummer, 1983)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 89C8FBAD-80E0-C2B7-4855-85F079F6D9BC

Children of the Earth. no.10 (Samhain, 1983)

 Digital Work
Collection number: FDA4B75F-4DB7-668E-4538-C6D382D823C2

Children of the Earth. no.11 (Yule, 1983)

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 50E10949-5A73-CD8A-4757-1068EFD6D005

Children of the Earth. no.12 (Lammas, 1984)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 97232FB5-56B0-D9B6-4083-C919FCFFC51C

Children of the Earth. no.13 (Spring, 1986)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 12AC41E5-9BD1-6EBF-407E-62820F0B4903

Children of the Earth. no.14 (1986)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ECA800C8-4F30-1897-4238-6864CA1FB7FF

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) [5], [no. 1] (Hallow 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: C835B723-7CC5-058E-4AB9-943D7A24EC59

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 2 (Yule, 1981)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 845D8F3F-5453-C7A0-4E2A-5C2B47FFBD5C

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 3 (Candlemas, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: D411F819-B3B9-B2B5-4F76-B619F2805A88

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) [5], [no. 4] (Eostara, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 57002C3D-7179-839C-47ED-37905C942211

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 5 (Beltane, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: F069CD95-F301-65A6-4717-9775432322E8

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 6 (Midsummer, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 6CA49C9C-0FBB-CB97-4805-8EBB67290CAD

Unicorn (Rowan Tree Church) 5, no. 7 (Lammas, 1982)

 Digital Work
Collection number: 8FF10259-D46D-8FBF-447D-4F0AE5C9DD53

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