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ADS-1012-01: Ethel Ruth Baldwin, April 15, 2003

 File — Box: 22, Folder: 1
Collection number: ADS-1012-01

Scope and Contents

Group or Organization Name:

County of Residence:Randolph


Notes:African American 7-shape note singing conventions oral history; hobbies sewing, cooking. Part of Kuanita Murphey's independent study MUE 7900 African American Music Research, which later became a chapter in her master's thesis on her home church in Cut

Keywords:African American 7-shapenote singing conventions

Genres (Controlled Vocabulary):religious music, singing, shape note music

004: Her story of how she learned to sing

027:Demonstrates shape notes

053: “Serving My Lord and King” sung by Mrs. Baldwin

072: Another demonstration of notes

087: Singing schools

097: #30 in Sparkling Song Book (accompanied by her brother)

126: Participation in conventions and when they were held

178: Grandpa Simon started conventions in Randolph Co., GA

184: Order of Service of Conventions

211: Practicing the tradition

240: Instruction and Practicing the tradition

265: Current churches in convention

280: When the tradition began to fade —-

321: Her thoughts on revitalizing the tradition

351: Benevolence Baptist Church’s Pastor

366: Her knowledge of shape notes/rulerments f p, dt

416: Tape END


  • April 15, 2003

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