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A Book on the Novocain Treatment Psyche Revealed by Object 'Game' and Clues to Personality Revealed by Psychological Object Test Testimonies of Healing from the Christian Science Journal - September 1968 An Obligation to Tomorrow by Albert Schweitzer "Sub-Think" Sows Its Ideas in a Flash by Leslie Mallory; Peope Speak: Teacher Explains Salary Needs Seeing Without Eyes: Miracle? Trick? How they Caught the Mad Bomber by Bob Considine Prize Piano get the Acid Test; Haunted House is Eerie Place Mother Plants: A Phase of Electroculture by J. I. Rodale; Prize Piano; I Climbed out of the Depths by Frances Farmer; The Three-Eyed Lama by Charles van Deusen Melvin Nimer Jr. Stabs Parents Previous Greek Manuscript Discovery; Document Links Saying to Jesus Ancient Priests Helpe Medicine by Richard R. Mathison; Disease May Yield Clue to Origin of Polynesians; Ancestors of Hawaiians had Calendar and Exact Forecasts by Earl J. Behling U.S. Customs bar 'Cure-All' Boxes from Britain and say 'These Miracle Machines were just sawdust' - April 4 1957; Hypnosis no Cure, Can drive you mad' Strange Malady Kills Hundreds in Philippines - February 23, 1956 (2 copies); What Jesus and Buddha Taught in Secret to their Chosen Disciples Ancient Statues in E. Polynesia Explained to Carlsbad Audience - March 27, 1957; Lake Elsinore well makes water dowser feel successful by Evaline Morrison - December 23, 1965 Sect's Evil Influence Followers in Mental Homes - October 6, 1965 Dr. Mortimer J. Adler Great Ideas from the Great Books: The Two Kinds of Existentialism - December 24, 1965; Under the Dalai Lama: Primitive Conditions of Old Tibet Dear Ann Landers: The needle didn't move Can't I have a Child - November 9, 1964; 'Telepathy' Reported; Danger Cult may spread here (Scientology) A Thing in the Sky The 50th State - September 26, 1966 The Great Shasta Myster by Leroy Thorpe New Light on the Bible by Howard La Fay Bewitched Boy Focuses Attention on Aborigines Strong Black Magic - April 18, 1956; Public Fancy Turns to Hypnonsis While Psychologists Shudder - March 12, 1956 Diamond Dealer Works to Solve Ancient Language - February 16, 1956; Electronics Expert Learned in Jail; Probe Mysteries of Hypnotic State by Watson Sims - March 12, 1956; Black Magic - April 22, 1956 Macedonians Defy Live Coals in Ritual Dance by A. C. Sedgwick- June 1, 1956 Men go Mad -Briefly- in Insanity Clue Hunt - May 31; Exploration into Thought by George Murray- June 21, 1956; Dunninger Warns Amateur Hypnotists by Steven H. Scheuer; Polynesians were Greatest of All Prehistoric Navigators by Eugene Burns Whose God is Dead?; Got a Problem?; An Invocation or Prayer; (Dr. Coe and secret experiments) Did Christ Get a Fair Trial? - March 17, 1956; How I discovered "Life After Death" by Marcus Bach "Death Takes a Holiday"; Ask the Journal Norwegian Explorer Solves Mysteries at Easter Island by Robert Musel; Pope composes prayer to Mary for orphans; Schopenhauer: Father was a problem - July 16, 1956 Experiments in Electroculture by J. I. Rodale - November 1956; Mystery Cases of Spirit Life Spur Research by Norma Lee Browning; Donald Keyhoe (UFOS) Scientist 'Sold' on Saucer Ships - August 15, 1956; Big Bank Gangster by Gen. Smedley D. Butler; "Miracles" can still Happen; African Magic by Cris. Norlund Autoconditioning: It's About You-Not Cars by Scott O'Dell - September 3, 1956; The Gold miner who became a water diviner - July 1956; 'Dough turns out sticker than when put on' Kon-Tiki Explorer Solves Riddles of Easter Island - February 26, 1957; Es to Broughton 66, Succumbs in Modesto Home - November 20, 1956 Exper tells of his findings on spirit life: cannot be ruled out, Rhine says - February 8, 2956; Navaho Cereminial Art Duplicated by Philip A. Wight Goddess of the Volcanoes - May 8, 2955 Dunninger Reads my Mind! by Norma Lee Browning Intelligence Can Be Increased by Joseph Whitney; Original Sin Explained by J. J. Trout Soul Traveling - October 1965 Daddy Bray's Foundation Secrets of Firewalking, and Immersion of Flesh in Molten Metal Found-The Man Says Settlement of Polynesia by Donald Stanley Marshall Spiritualism Taken from the Bible by Rae Merritt and Wm. C. Earle MOnster of Dusselfdorf by Andrew Hecht


  • 1920's-1970's

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