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Ancient Cataclysms which changed Earth’s Surface, 1965

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 1
Collection number: Folder 1
Scope and Contents

Contents: Ancient Cataclysms which changed Earth’s Surface and Atlantean, Atlantis, Osiris, Isis; Isselstein, Karl H. The Gracial Period – This is about Osiris warned the Atlanteans Atlantis Submerged 9564 B.C. – It is about before the Christian era the magnetic North Pole suddenly moved a great distance.

Dates: Created: 1965

Ancient Sun God, 1956

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 2
Collection number: Folder 2
Scope and Contents Contents: Ancient Sun God and Star, Sun, Great sun, Sun God; Hotema, Hilton. The Ancient Light – Light, Sun worship, Fire The Great Sun – Stars, Great sun Secret of the Stars – Zodiac, Eze Kiel’s Wheels, Precession of the Equinoxes Astrology Changed to Astronomy – Astrology Virgin Mother – Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Solar Center Majesty of God’s Kingdom – Spark of Life, Fire and Spirit The sovereign sun – Proclus, Julian,...
Dates: Created: 1956

Asthma, Catarrh, Hay fever & Sinusitis

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Scope and Contents

By: George Starr White; Arthur Voss; J.H. Tilden; Chris Gien-Cursio; Herbert M. Shelton; Jethro Kloss Subjects: Asthma, Catarrh, Hay fever & Sinusitis and remedy, treatment, Asthma, Hey fever, sinus Affections, catarrh; White, George Starr. Voss, Arthur. Tilden, J.H. Gian–Cursio, Chris. Shelton, Herbert M. Kloss, Jethro.

Dates: 1920's-1970's

The Breath of Life and the Flame Devine, 1957

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 4
Collection number: Folder 4
Scope and Contents

Subjects: Breath of life and the flame devine and life, fire Ancient Science; Hotema, Hilton. The breath of life – life, breating Union of the astral and Physical – zodiac, atom fire Cosmic radiation – cosmic radiation, silver cord, ego Chiropractic the greatest – life, fire, chiropractic

Dates: Created: 1957

Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 18
Collection number: Folder 18
Scope and Contents by Mark L. Gallert. Contents: What are the Advantages of Homeopathic Medicines?; What is a Homeopathic Remedy?; From What Substances are Homeopathic Remedies Produced?; What is the Relationship Between the Effect of a Substance in its Original Form, and the Effect of the Same Substance After it has been Homeopathically Triturated?; What Therapeutic Effects can be Obtained from Homeopathic Remedies?; How is a Homeopathic Remedy Produced?; Effect of Increasing Trituration or Succussion;...
Dates: 1920's-1970's

Karezza: Ethics of Marriage

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 19
Collection number: Folder 19
Scope and Contents

by Alice B. Stockham. Contents: Creative Energy; Karezza; Attainment Possible; Health; Parenthood; Control of Procreative Powers; Free Motherhood; Married and Mated; Procreation of Thought; Spiritual Growth;

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Kidney Troubles, 1958

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 20
Collection number: Folder 20
Scope and Contents

by George Starr White Subjects:  Kidney Troubles and Diseases, Germs, remedy, treatment; White, George Starr. Tilden, J. H. Shelton, Herbert. M. Kloss, Jethro. Diseases, Germs, remedy, treatment.

Dates: Created: 1958

Kingdom of Heaven

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 21
Collection number: Folder 21
Scope and Contents

by Prof. Hilton Hotema. Contents: What is a Kingdom; Mind; Mental Kingdom; Consciousness; Spiritual Organs; Spiritual Powers; Telepathy; Television; Fourth Dimension; Temperance (Time)

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Letters to Hereward Carrington: From Famous Psychical Researchers, Scientists, Mediums & Magicians, 1957

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 22
Collection number: Folder 22
Scope and Contents Letters from: Everard Feilding; Mrs. L.E. Piper; Prof. William James; Arthur Avalon; Dr. Sigmund Freud; Prof. Th. Flournoy; M. Ce'sar deVesme; Dr. Gustave Geley; Eusapia Palladino; Nikola Tesla; Alexander Graham Bell; Dr. James H. Hyslop; Andrew Jackson Davis; Dr. J.M. Peebles; Edward T. Bennett; Katherine Bates; Sir Oliver Lodge; John Hays Hammond, Jr.; Prof. Hans Driesch; Dr. Joseph Maxwell; Dr. Morton Prince; Sir William Crookes; Rev. C. Drayton Thomas; Canadian S.P.R.; Stewart Edward...
Dates: Created: 1957

Live Longer by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1959

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 23
Collection number: Folder 23
Scope and Contents

Contents: Right Living Healthful Environment Climate Men's Home The Artificial World The Art of Living He Lived 370 Years Laws of Change Fountain of Youth Physiological Rest Renewal of Youth Man Lived 80,000 Years Self Denial

Dates: Created: 1959

Essene – Jesus – Apollonius Series, Vol. 3, Apollonius the Nazarene.

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents Contents: Nazarene and Christianity, Nazareth, orthodox, Christians; Bernard, R.W. The historical Apollonius versus the mythical Jesus – Christianity, orthodoxy, Apollonius Events in the life of Apollonius of Tyana birth and youth of Apollonius – Apollonius, lehr-jare, bon-mots Apollonius’s visit to the Brahman sages of the Himalayas – fountain head of Wisdom Labors of apollonious in Greece – Ephesus, temples Visit to the gymnosophists – gymnosophists The...
Dates: 1920's-1970's

Genesis of Christianity, 1967

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 13
Collection number: Folder 13
Scope and Contents

by Professor Hilton Hotema. Contents: Old Testament; New Testament; History of Christianity; The Gospel Jesus; World of Heathens; Ancient Egypt; Land of Darkness; Land of Mystery; Egyptian Masters; Birth of Romanism; Papal Forgeries; Romanism; The Gods; Ancient Gods; The Sun God; Astrology; Zodiac; Ancient Mysteries; Purpose of Life; God of Love; The Great Glands; Chastity; The Christian Ghost

Dates: Created: 1967

Great Harmonia (The Seer), 1959

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 14
Collection number: Folder 14
Scope and Contents Concerning the Seven Mental States. by Andrew Jackson Davis. Contents: The Mission of Mind as Considered as a Motive Power; The Mission of Mind Considered as a Moral Power; On the Philosophy of Clairvoyance and Inspiration; A Definition of the Seven Mental States; Man’s Ordinary State Considered in Connection with the External World; Man Considered in His Internal Relations to the Spiritual Universe; A General Consideration of Man’s Psychological Condition and...
Dates: Created: 1959

Hints on Fasting Well, 1956

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 15
Collection number: Folder 15
Scope and Contents

by Marie Phelps Sweet and Hereward Carrington.

Dates: Created: 1956

Hollow Earth

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 16
Collection number: Folder 16

Cheiro's Language of the Hand, 1963

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 5
Collection number: Folder 5
Scope and Contents Contents:  Of the Shapes of Hands and Fingers; The Elementary of Lowest Type; The Square Hand and Its Subdivisions; The Spatulate Hand; The Philosophic Hand; The Conic Hand; The Psychic Hand; The Mixed Hand; The Thumb; The Joints of the Fingers; The Fingers; The Palm and Large and Small Hand; The Nails; The Hair on the Hands; The Mounts, Their Position and Their Meanings; The Hands of Nations; A Few Remarks in Reference to the Reading of the Hand; The Lines of...
Dates: Created: 1963


 File — Box: 4, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6
Scope and Contents

Subject Headings:Constipation - various opinions, data, diets, Etc. and synonyms, constipation, digestion, Torpor of the Bowels; costiveness, result of foods what we eat, menus for constipation, it is about everyday diet.

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Cosmic Creation 2nd Edition, 1958

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Scope and Contents Contents: Cosmic Creation and nature of man and earth; Hill, Mokelumne. Cosmogony – Religionists, scientists, evolutionists, ancient masters, bible Darkness – Dark Age, Christians, solar heat Cosmography – the circle, the dot, polarity, law, tarot card no.1, Christianity, tarot card no.2, the world mother, dual effects Universal equilibrium – primary law, eternal knowledge, perfectology, vital adjustment, consciousness, health Science – Isaac Newton,...
Dates: Created: 1958