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Soul’s Secret by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1959

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 43
Collection number: Folder 43
Scope and Contents

Contents: Future Life What is Life Evolution Evolutionists Disagree Arcane Science Astral World Enthusiasm for Death Allegory and Symbology The Man of Darkness

Dates: Created: 1959

Son of Perfection by Prof. Hilton Hotema

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 44
Collection number: Folder 44
Scope and Contents

Contents: Last Book of the Bible Seven Incarnations Endocrine System Fiery Serpent & False Prophet Regeneration Sex Force Fourth Dimension Four Principal Glands Radiation Light of the World Mother of the Universe Solaricalism

Dates: 1920's-1970's


 File — Box: 4, Folder: 46
Collection number: Folder 46
Scope and Contents

Subjects:Thought-waves, Mental, Mind Reading, Conscious Mind, psychic law Summary:How to use and access pathways to use telepathy.

Dates: 1920's-1970's

To Laodicea by S.B. White, 1936

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 47
Collection number: Folder 47
Scope and Contents Contents: Impossibility of Moving Vertebrae Prejudice Cause of Prejudice Unscientific Investigation Vertebral Subluxations (Their Prevalence and Effect) The Doctrine of Nerve Impingement (Its Origin and Purpose) Science and Divine Testimony Natural Law Functional Energy (Its Source and Purpose) Therapeutic Deductions (Case Reports) The "One" Way The Enemy's Scheme A Word to Ministers Special Testimony of Physicians The World's Way...
Dates: Created: 1936

Vibration the Law of Life by W.H. Williams, 1959 (c1897)

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 48
Collection number: Folder 48
Scope and Contents

Subjects: Health Research, W.H. Williams, N.E. William, Health, Hypnotism, Sub-Conscious, Disease, Faith in healing, Exercises, life, Elixir

Dates: Created: 1959 (c1897)

The Wall of Light Nikola Tesla and the Venusian Space Ship The – X - 12 by A.H. Matthews, 1971

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 49
Collection number: Folder 49
Scope and Contents

Subjects: Nikola Tesla, A. H. Matthews, Arthur H. Matthews, Nikola Tesla’s inventions, Quebec, Space, Spaceships, UFO’s Summary:At the end of this particular periodical there are various news chippings and writings from A.H. Matthews

Dates: Created: 1971

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Life of the Ancient Essenes by Dr. R.W. Bernard, 1956

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 28
Collection number: Folder 28
Scope and Contents

Vol. 1 of the Essene-Jesus-Appolonius Series

Dates: Created: 1956

Mystery of Man by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1956

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 26
Collection number: Folder 26
Scope and Contents

Contents: Evolution What is Man World of Illusion Cosmic Thought Spiritual World (A) Spiritual World (B) Spiritual Substance (A) Spiritual Substance (B) Spirit Vs. Energy (A) Spirit Vs. Energy (B) The Cosmic Pattern Constitution of Man Spiritual Contact

Dates: Created: 1956

Nutritional Sex Control and Rejuvenation by Dr. Raymond Bernard, 1960

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 27
Collection number: Folder 27
Scope and Contents Contents: Diet and Sex Experiment of Dr. Francis G. Benedict of the Carnegie Institute on Influence of Low Protein Diet in Controlling Sexual Tendencies and Eliminating Nocturnal Emissions Is the Sexual Impulse Due to Natural Instinct or to Food Stimulation? The Internal Secretions of the Sex Glands the Physiological Value of Seminal Conservation Professor Steinach's Researches on Rejuvenation Why Sex Hormones are Present in the External Genital Secretion...
Dates: Created: 1960

Max Freedom Long Library and Museum

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-150-4