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Cosmic Star in Hollywood, California, Volume 1, No. 7, Nov/Dec 1964

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 29, Book: 2
Collection number: Book 2
Scope and Contents Content: Unique Spiritual Powers by Mollie Elliot The Needles Eye by Rev. Howard Osserman Hollywood and the Unknown by Stephany Courtney East Coast Report by Gist Talmist The Life of Disciple in Tibet A Look In the Crystal Advise Column by “Michael” Secrets Your Hand Reveal by Ivan Markoff Through a Glass Darkly: an Anonymous Letter by William Haalgarth Are You Seeking Good Health? By Irwin F. Krimm, Ps.D. Star Guide by Laura Breska Church and...
Dates: Created: Nov/Dec 1964

Journal of Spiritual Science Truth Psychic Observer Souther Pines, NC, No. 519, June 25, 1960

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 29, Book: 3
Collection number: Book 3
Scope and Contents Content: Editor’s Notebook Episcopalian Ordained to SP’1st Faith Victory for Spiritualism or Science? By F. Lorenz Lamping Materialization Trumpet Demonstrated by Ireland by Edward Dawson Secret Symbols in Handwriting by Rev. Leo Louis Martello Reincarnation Never Proven – Believed Earth Life no to Equalize – Rather to Individualize by W. Gracey Montgomery The Gathering Storm My Mystic Journey Into Unknown Land New Land Beyond...
Dates: Created: June 25, 1960

Misc. Newspaper Clippings

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 29, Book: 4
Collection number: Book 4
Scope and Contents Content: “Centennial of the Wizard Steinmetz The Thunderer’s Legacy U. S. Brainwashing New Science Era Near Physician Predicts Big Neurology Stride Vast Advances In Knowledge of Nervous System Coming by Dr. H. R. Meyer Gays The Holy Blessings According to Tibetan Jamaism “Assignment: America” Mr. K and the Stars by Phyllis Batelle My Day in the Spirit World a Top Washington Reporter’s Own Story of an Eerie “Reunion” with the dead by Ruth Montgomery In...
Dates: 1920's-1970's

Cosmic Star in Hollywood, California Volume 2, No. 7, Nov/ Dec 1964

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 29, Book: 1
Collection number: Book 1
Scope and Contents Content: “The Amazing Mind Reader Who Solves Crimes: Florence Sternfels” Concept Therapy Convention by William Wolff AFA Convene in Boston Letters to the Editor, Merle S. Gould Echos From the Himilayas submitted by Marie Harlove Introspection “Look in upon Fry, of Understanding, Cross Country Lecture Tour Rev. Stan and Mary Matrunick Missionaries Served in California Faina Gertzweig passed away Brother Bill opened New Center in Los Angeles Gina...
Dates: Created: Nov/ Dec 1964