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The Aberree, April 1959; July/August 1961

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 1
Collection number: Folder 1
Scope and Contents Vol. VI No. 1 Contents: Kinney, D. Harold “John – Organizer of the Telepaths Elliott, B. Alberta “Opening of the Little White Tulip” Davis, Eugene Roy “Faster Evolution of Consciousness” Kristy, Jacob “The Swindle of Mytholicism” Arentz, Bob “A Book – Auditor Looks Back, A Sort of History of Dianetics” Hand, N. Frederic “Why I Got In, and Out, of Scientology” Trubshaw, Wayne “The Lost Christ Teaching” Vol. VIII No.4...
Dates: Created: April 1959; July/August 1961

American Dowser, Feb. 1974; Nov. 1974; May 1976

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 2
Collection number: Folder 2
Scope and Contents Contents: Vol. 14 No.1- Boer De Wilhelm and Dr. Z.V. Harvalic “Locating the Dowsing Sensors b the “High- Frequency Beam” Method Hartloff, S. Gordon “Dowsing Experiences and Problems- Psychogenic Oil Prospecting ap and Field Dowsing – Observations and Techniques” Douglas, Herbert “A Further Look at Dowsing and Arthritis Vol. 14 No. 4- Willey C. Raymond “Ideas About Dowsin Possible Psychic Elements...
Dates: Created: Feb. 1974; Nov. 1974; May 1976

ASPR Newsletter, 1974

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Scope and Contents

Contents: Cox, W.E “Dowsing: A Survey and a Call for Experimenters “TV Series on Parapsvchology” “Setting up a Seminar in Parasychology” Walter, J. Levy M.D. “Some Advice to Students” “Librarians Visit ASPR”

Dates: Created: 1974

Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man Volume IV, No. 2,, December 1972

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 3
Collection number: Book 3
Scope and Contents Contents: Interview: Ena Twigg by Alan Vaughan Plants, Polygraphs, and Paraphysics by John W. White An Adventure in Consciousness by Edgar D. Mitchell Edinburgh’s Parapsychology Festival by Alan Vaughan A Medium’s Personal Philosophy by Ena Twigg California Institute of Asian Studies by Theodosia Gardner Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A Portrait by Robin Sanders-Clark Special Report The San Francisco Quake by Sheldon Ruderman Phenomena Nessie by Robert...
Dates: Created: December 1972

Research Bulletin of Better Life Research Foundation

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 19
Collection number: Folder 19
Scope and Contents

Content: Why This Month Is the Most Critical Period in All History Atomic Blasts and The Tipping of The Earth’s Axis The Forbidden Subject There Are No Clear Bombs- Planned Deception New Inventions Obsoletes Atomic History World Fuel Supply Almost Exhausted Too Late for Peacetime Uses of Atomic Power What the Better Life Research Foundation Can Do For You and The World

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume IV, No. 4, April 1973

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 4
Collection number: Book 4
Scope and Contents Contents: Interview: Ingo Swann by The Editors Stigmata by Richard Webb Noetics, The Emerging Science of Consciousness by Edgar D. Mitchell Exobiology, The Study of Extraterrestrial Life by John W. White Somerset Maugham’s Prophetic Dream by Wilman Menard The Mystery of Rudi Schneider by Thomas R. Tietze Out- Of- The- Body Vision by Janet, Mitchell Out- Of- The- Body Experiences by Scott D. Rogo Phenomena Charles Dickens Great Mystery by Richard...
Dates: Created: April 1973

Samaritan Everett, Washington, August 1967

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 20
Collection number: Folder 20
Scope and Contents

Content: Special Notice written by Ruth McWilliams This ‘N That City of Light Psychic Shopper Section Classified

Dates: Created: August 1967

Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume V, No. 1, October 1973

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 5
Collection number: Book 5
Scope and Contents

Contents: Interview: Andrija Puharich, M.D. by The Editors Animals and ESP by Robert J. Morris Missie: The Psychic Dog of Denver by Gina Cerminara ESP on the Couch by Montague Ullman, Stanley Krippner and Alan Vaughan Retrocognition: Psychic Visits to the Past by Gracia Fay Ellwood Teleporting a Meteorite by Ray Stanford Haunted Houses by D. Scott Rogo Witchcraft in Literature by Jane McCormick

Dates: Created: October 1973

SEARCH Magazine NO. 128, Fall 1976

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 21
Collection number: Folder 21
Scope and Contents Content: Stories of the Supernatural- The Psychic the Mysterious- The Unknown Editiorial by Ray Palmer Happenings Now by Readers The Bicentennial and the Astral World by Ray Palmer Oahspe Circle by Readers The Case for an Underwater Civilization by Alex Saunders True Mysterious Triangle and Three Strange Men by J. A. Covolo A Ghost Settles An Estate by F. Golcher Invisible Playmate by B. Cooper What is Healing Energy? By David V. Leuser Nemesis...
Dates: Created: Fall 1976

Psychic… Exploring the Nature of Man and the Universe Volume V, No. 2, December 1973

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 6
Collection number: Book 6
Scope and Contents

Contents: Interview: Rosalind Heywood by Alan Vaughan Psychic Phenomenon and the Movies by Patricia Broeske Parapsychology Books on Campus by Rhea White The Great Physical Mediums, Part 1 by Thomas R. Tietze Miracle Gurus of India by Fred Ackerman Fakers and Fakirs by D. Scott Rogo Reincarnation: Evidence for Survival by Nils O. Jacobson

Dates: Created: December 1973

SEMO Profiles Vol. 1, No.1, Spring 1976

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 22
Collection number: Folder 22
Scope and Contents Content: Professor Producer: The Reel Way to Education Earthquakes and Rocks- All in a day’s work Much Ado about Learning Physics head makes UFO studies respectable Local playwrights adapt novel The Proudest Eagle Crime under the microscope Why won’t Johnny eat? Psychology duo aims at violence Opera is her ‘Madness’ Research brings international honors More than just a teacher ‘Everything is related’ Artist...
Dates: Created: Spring 1976

Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe… Volume III, No. 1, December 1974

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 7
Collection number: Book 7
Scope and Contents

Contents: Interview: Al Pollard by James Grayson Bolen Profiles in Business by The Editors Testing for Executive ESP by Douglas Dean and John Mihalasky Kirlian Photography Revealed? Carolyn Dobervich Ten Thousand Hands by Colin Dangaard Sports and ESP by Rhea White Symbol of Life by Gary Richardson Viewpoint: The Fraudulent Experimenter by Alan Vaughan

Dates: Created: December 1974

Theosophists: Reunite! Vol II, NO. 1, January 1962

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 23
Collection number: Folder 23
Scope and Contents

Content: How Shall We Go About It? By T. H. Redfern Advancing the Theosophical Movement Progress Report Editorial More and More Unity Letters from Readers “Theosophists: Reunite!” by F. Pierce Spinks

Dates: Created: January 1962

Pendulum Tester for the Subconscious Mind

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 24, Book: 1
Collection number: Book 1
Scope and Contents

Content: Brochure written by The True Sight Church, 3050 W. 7th L.A. 5, California

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume VI, No. 5, December 1975

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 8
Collection number: Book 8
Scope and Contents

Content: Interview: Matthew Manning by The Editors Biographical Sketch: The Phenomena of Matthew Manning by Anne Dooley The Spoon Benders by Professor John Taylor Psychic Children by Phyllis Gilbert A Russian Remembers by Yuri Kapralov Exploring Mutual Dreams by James Donahue First Congress of Integrative Health by Bill Schul Expectation and the Other Side by Gracia Fay Ellwood Psychic Roulette by Martin Ebon

Dates: Created: December 1975

The Gun Club News Bulletin Vol. 13 No. 7/8, July & August 1960

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 10
Collection number: Folder 10
Scope and Contents

Contents: "The Detroit Shoot” “The Cleveland Shoot” “The National Championship Shoot” “The Washington Park Gun Club Moves Forward” Offord, A.J. “Mental Poison”

Dates: Created: July & August 1960

Ha'Rite, January 1991-Winter 1995

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents Contents: Issue 1-  “Announcing the Huna Alliance” Issue 2-  Bainbridge, John “Huna to DA Max… Max Freedom Long, That is!” “The Telepathic Mutual Meditation and Prayer Group” Issue 3-  Dr. Hook, Anita “Direct and Indirect Suggestion: Subliminal Synergy” “Preparing for the Journey” Issue 4- Nickson, Roy “Huna is …” Varro, Stevan “Meditation on a...
Dates: Created: January 1991-Winter 1995

Inner Forum, February 1977; December 1973

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 12
Collection number: Folder 12
Scope and Contents Contents: “There is a Third Part of Man” “The Invisible Pattern: AKA or Shadowy Bodies” “Mana or Vital Force” Smith, Michael “Star Symbols from my Great Grandfather” Commentary: the ineffable and incredible Elisabeth Kubler – Ross. And Applied Kinesiology Shyllis, Huffman “The Weather” Yensen, Art “What Life Has Taught Me” Reigh and Orgone Diane K. Pike and Arleen Lerrance “The Naturalness of the Supernatural” Edgar D. Mitchill “The Institute of...
Dates: Created: February 1977; December 1973