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Journal of the Polynesian Society: The Easter Island Script and the Middle-Indus Seals, December 1938

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 13
Collection number: Folder 13
Scope and Contents

Contents:Sr. J. Imbelloni “Recent Discoveries in the Middle- Indus Area and their Relation to the Easter Island Script” Marston Road “From N. M. Billimoria, Hon. Secretary, Sind Historical Society” N. M. Billmora “The Panis of the Rig Veda and Script of Mohenjo Daro and Easter Island” Alan S.C. Ross “The Easter Island Tablet ATUA – MATA – RIRI”

Dates: Created: December 1938

Letters from a Tibetan(Thibetan) Monk, February 1957

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 14
Collection number: Folder 14
Scope and Contents

Contents: Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Monk” Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Master” Mahatma Letters 1957, Letters from a Tibetan Master Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Master”

Dates: Created: February 1957

Psychic, 1970-1976

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 15
Collection number: Folder 15

Psychic a Bimonthly Magazine Volume II, No. 3, December 1970

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 1
Collection number: Book 1
Scope and Contents

Contents: Dateline: San Fransicso Interview: Swami Nitya Chaitaya Yati Spiritism in Brazil by David St. Clair Freud in the Paranormal by Martin Ebon Emotional Reactions to Psychic Experiences by Freda Morris Physical Research in America: the Early Years by Thomas R. Tietze

Dates: Created: December 1970

Psychic Observer and Chimes, Volume XXXVIII, No. 3,, October-December 1978

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 16
Collection number: Folder 16
Scope and Contents Contains 3 Copies Content: Huna- an Introduction by Dr. E. Othos Wingo Huna- Fact or Fantasy by Lehman W. Hisey The Ha Rite by Margaret R. Mourn Huna Vital Force In Other Systems Huna is Not Magic by Albert W. Thomas Understanding & Using Huna by Max Freedom Long “Unknown Powers” Reviewed by George Tofte The Anthroposphere by Manderly Bryanton The Dream Cure by Victor Werner Take a Humor Break by Bill R....
Dates: Created: October-December 1978

The Pyramid Guide Bi-Monthly Newsletter, No. 8, November/ December 1973

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 17
Collection number: Folder 17
Scope and Contents

Contents: Sharpening the Razor (Blade) People in Pyramid Structures “Pyramidia” by Georgiana Pyramid Replica Alters Aura by Bill Cox A Fifth Form of Energy by Dr. Al Lewis Great Discovery by Verne L. Cameron Feeling Emanations with the Aurameter Kirlian Photography by Richard Alan Miller “The Human Pyramid” Written to Bill Cox by Paul Eads

Dates: Created: November/ December 1973

Beyond Reality, January/February 1975

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 4
Collection number: Folder 4
Scope and Contents Contents: Sutherly K. Curtis “Voyage of the Light Heart” Huna Research Association “Huna: A Practical System of Psychology” Dunham, Robert “Rev. Masahisa Goi” Bond, Bryce “Interview: ENA Twigg” Dr. Thomas T. Maughan “The Druid Order” Ayling, Keith “Do You Have a Voice?” Clairmonte, Glenn “The Spelling Gadget” Feldman, Mark “Parasychology and Science” Moore R. John “The Face on the Screen Door” Dickson, Larry “Mystery at Sea” Parsons, Gary “IN Love...
Dates: Created: January/February 1975

California Parapsychology News Letter, August 1960

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 5
Collection number: Folder 5
Scope and Contents

Contents: “Report from Argentina” “ESP Experiments with Nursery School Children in the Netherlands” “Body’s Electromagnetic Signals May Hold Clues to Telepathy” “ESP Kits

Dates: Created: August 1960

Chimes, June/November 1963

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6
Scope and Contents Contents: June 1963- Rev. Richard Ireland “My Greatest Revelation” Rev. Lincoln B. Justice “Why are People Hostile to Survival” Dr. M.W. Travis “Are You Living The Dream You Like?” Brother Mandus “Secretes of the Silence” Hastings, Philip “Margie… The Answer Girl” Purnell, Idella “My Father’s Passing” Max Freedom Long “Instant Healing and Raising the Dead” Ambrose A. and Olga N. Warrell “What is the Truth About Changing Healers?” ...
Dates: Created: June/November 1963

Fate True Stories of the Strange & Unknown, April/July/September 1970

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Scope and Contents Contents: April 1970- Earley, George “Scientist Urge New UFO Study” Beekly, Timothy “Russia Searches for the Abominable Snowman” Sane, John “Yetis of Bhutan” Riotte, Louise “How to Plant a Moon Garden” Peterson, Tracey “Find the Answer in an Egg” Denham, Cyril “We Struggle with Forces of Evil, Parrll” Smith, Susy “Discovering Schuman’s Lost Concerto” Powell, Charles “Doctor Conwell’s Personnel Angle” Fuller, Curtis “I see the Papers” Steiner, Paul “Our...
Dates: Created: April/July/September 1970

Psychic a Bimonthly Magazine Volume III, No. 1, August 1971

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 2
Collection number: Book 2
Scope and Contents

Contents: Dateline: Santa Barbara, California Interview: Diane Kennedy Pike The Final Frontier by Thomas R. Tietze The Psychical Research Foundation by Alan Vaughn Evidence for an Afterlife? By Martha Lynne Johnson The Soul-Searching Trial in Phoenix by Gina Cerminara Phenomena- The Apparitions of Palladia by Bert Groth

Dates: Created: August 1971

The Review of Religion Volume X, No. 4, May 1946

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 18
Collection number: Folder 18
Scope and Contents Content: Editor’s Note by Horace L. Friess Religion and Health: A Group Inquiry by Frederick deW. Bolman, Horace L. Friess and Otis Rice The Relation of Religion and Health: Historical Considerations and Theoretical Questions by Paul Tillich Variety in Personality and Its Relation to Health by Gotthard Booth Psychotherapy and Religion by Carney Landis Book Review: Joh. Lindblom: La Composition du Livre de Job by Emil G....
Dates: Created: May 1946

True Sight Journal Volume 1, No. 6

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 25, Book: 1
Collection number: Book 1
Scope and Contents

Content: Research & Development Edgar Cayce Speaks True Sight of Man High Score Award Why Not Lower Your Resistance Saved By A Skotograph Frank Edward Reports Questions From Readers We Have Discovered “A Step Beyond”

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe… Volume VII, No. 1, April 1976

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 9
Collection number: Book 9
Scope and Contents

Content: Interview: R. C. “Doc” Anderson by James Bolen Profile: Milan Ryzl, Ph.D. by Steve and Linda Blumenthal ESP Training by Robert Neubert and Charles Tart Psychic Evolution and You by David Brown and David Hammond In Search of a Miracle: The Riddle Kathryn Kuhlman by Antoinette May Frontiers of Psychic Development by Jeffrey Mishlove Developing ESP Through Hypnosis by Mark Turck Psychic Science Fiction by Alan Vaughan

Dates: Created: April 1976

Voice of Astara Vol. 5, No. 9, September 1956

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 26
Collection number: Folder 26
Scope and Contents

Content: Front Cover: Calendar of Events Astara’s Pulpit Guests by Rev. Bert Welch and Rev. Mande Letter to Earlyne Chaney by Astarian D. D. W. in Jacksonville, Florida “An Astarian In Need Never Walks Alone” Astara’s Wisdom Classes Insert: a letter to Astarians and Everybody from Earlyne Inside Astara by Hildegarde Notes from the Editor

Dates: Created: September 1956

Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume VII, No. 2, June 1976

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 10
Collection number: Book 10
Scope and Contents

Contents: Interview: Arthur M. Young by Christopher Bird Profile: Bob Anderson by James Bolen Digging into the Past with ESP by Maxine Asher, Ph.D. The High Cost of Haunting by Herbert Greenhouse The Movies Go Psychic by Pat Hague Broeske Jung’s First Medium by Martin Ebon Maeterlinck’s Medium by Patrick Mahony

Dates: Created: June 1976

True Sight Journal Volume 2, No. 1

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 25, Book: 2
Collection number: Book 2
Scope and Contents

Content: Research & Development True Sight of Man Experiments in Sensitivity A Matter of Life or Death As the Blind See It Letters From The Readers Conclusions of Jules Romains Award of the Issue Releasing Mental Strain

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Psychic, Volume VII, No. 4, September 1976

 Book — Box: 6, Folder: 15, Book: 11
Collection number: Book 11
Scope and Contents

Contents: Timothy Leary is Loose Again and Headed for the Stars by Robert Anton, Wilson Relax Your Way to ESP by D. Scott Rogo Jagadish. The Magic of Siddha Yoga by Steven McClure The Prophetic Books of Bregu by Hugh Gautzer Psychic First Lady by E. M. Oakley What the Dying See by John White Psychic Bull in India by E. C. May, Ph.D. and Isaac Boneniets Interview: K. Ramakrishna Rao, Ph.D. by Alan Vaughan

Dates: Created: September 1976