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Picture Cuts

 Box — Box: 12, Box: 12.1
Collection number: Box 12.1
Scope and Contents

Brad Steiger; Otha Wingo; Cigbo;

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Misc. Photographs

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 1
Collection number: Folder 1


 File — Box: 12, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Scope and Contents

From Mrs. J.T. Kingsley Tarpey

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Max F. Long Headshots

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 5
Collection number: Folder 5

Library & Workshop Photographs, 9/8/1958

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6

Fiji Fire Walking, December 8, 1957

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7

Huna Vista Cut

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 8
Collection number: Folder 8

Photos from Chas. Pitts, April 20, 1959

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents

Photograph and negative prints sent from Chas. Pitts in Anderson Calif. to Max F. Long in Vista Calif.

Dates: Created: April 20, 1959

Misc. Pictures

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 12
Collection number: Folder 12
Scope and Contents

Black & White Picture of elderly man; Black and white picture of man swathed in a blanket; Painting of grey cat head wearing collar that says: Sigbo (Cigbo?)

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Plastic Sheet of Photographs, 1974

 Item — Box: 12, Item: 1
Collection number: Item 1
Scope and Contents

Names listed: Linus E. Young, Jr.; Edward S. Schultz; Otha Wingo; Kathryn Conway

Dates: Created: 1974

Charcoal Drawings of Aboriginal Nomads

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 9
Collection number: Folder 9
Scope and Contents

Sent to Max Freedom Long in Vista, CA from K. Zambucka in Auckland,NZ May 3, 1967

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Picture of Beach House(Tree of Life)

 File — Box: 12, Folder: 10
Collection number: Folder 10
Scope and Contents

Back reads: The Beach House at Laguna Beach, Calif. Where Louise Ethel & Max went during the [illegible] & where Recovering the Ancient Magic was written & was finished in England in 1936.

Dates: 1920's-1970's

Max Freedom Long Library and Museum

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-150-4