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Folder 40: Temple University Herald Editorials, 2004-2006

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 40
Collection number: Folder 40
Scope and Contents

Joyce A. Joyce served as the editor of the Temple University Faculty Herald. We have 11 of these papers in storage.

Dates: Created: 2004-2006

Item 1: Students and Faculty: An Alternative Perspective, 2004-10-5

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 1
Collection number: Item 1
Scope and Contents

Joyce Joyce's introduction as the editor of the Faculty Herald. She writes about changes Temple University President implemented. She writes about the wide range of students and their prior educational experience. She expects her views will "...will ressult in my being shunned by many faculty on the Main Campus particularly and vilified by others."

Dates: Created: 2004-10-5

Item 2: Critical Pedagogy or Liberalism?, 2004-11-02

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 2
Collection number: Item 2
Scope and Contents

Joyce disccusses Henry A. Giroux's Teachers as Intellectuals: Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Learning. She argues that language is a political tool and that students shouldn't impact their self-worth and identity. Discusses students failing to cite sources. Discusses school desgregation and how the "...Golden State was arguably a racial paradise when juxtaposed against the Deep South...."   Pages 2 & 8

Dates: Created: 2004-11-02

Item 3: A Love Song for the Profession, 2004-12-9

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 3
Collection number: Item 3
Scope and Contents

Joyce A. Joyce diccusses an Honors level course she taught at the University of Maryland entitled "Popular Rhythms and Poetic Expression," which examined politics and music. She discusses various song lyrics and compares them to the duties of being a university professor.

Dates: Created: 2004-12-9

Item 6: The Smoldering Fire, 2005-05-03

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 6
Collection number: Item 6

Item 4: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Black History Month, 2005-02-15

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 4
Collection number: Item 4
Scope and Contents Joyce discusses Black History Month at Temple University. She refuses to give a presentation on diversity "...because I refuse as a Black Woman intellectual to have anybody tell me how I should think or what I should write." She dicusses John A. Williams' biography The King God Didn't Save: Reflections on the Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr. which argues that King's stand against the "...immoral position in the Vietnam War forced his death" and how Catholics, Jews and Protestants...
Dates: Created: 2005-02-15

Item 5: Sins of Omission, 2005-03-29

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 5
Collection number: Item 5
Scope and Contents

Joyce discusses the stories of several controversial college presidents, Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman of the University of Colorado ,Dr. Manny Aragon of the New Mexico Highlands University, and Dolores Cross of Chicago State University and Brown College.

Dates: Created: 2005-03-29

Item 11: So Much to Do, Such Little Time, 2006-05-05

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 11
Collection number: Item 11
Scope and Contents

Joyce writes that University professors have no life outside of academia. After a surgery, Joyce reexamines her life and how her time is spent. She argues that schoarship must ask hard questions of its students and strive for rigorous grading.

Dates: Created: 2006-05-05

Item 9: What Do You Really Want and Are You Ready?, 2005-12-06

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 9
Collection number: Item 9
Scope and Contents

Joyce discusses her past career and difficulties at the University of Maryland and argues that deans, provosts, and presidents should be scholars.

Dates: Created: 2005-12-06

Item 10: What We Think Is Right!, 2006-02-14

 Item — Box: 2, Folder: 40, Item: 10
Collection number: Item 10
Scope and Contents

Joyce discusses people's tendency to see thier actions as good even when they cause other's harm. She corralates this human fallacy with Temple President David Horowitz's resignation and the HR 177 hearings.

Dates: Created: 2006-02-14