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GLA Records, 1977, 1977

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 17
Collection number: Folder 17
Scope and Contents 1. Recommendations from the records committee to place back records for the GLA in a safer place: (Grace Hightower:chairman) 2. Proposed recommendations for Improvement of the Library Media services; Memo to Mr. Bill Gambill from Lucille Jordan 06/26/1979 re: correspondence from Mrs. Cade and Mr. Thaxton about recommendations for school library media services; memo to Dr. Charles McDaniel, state superintendent of schools, from Carlton Thaxton, director division of Public Library...
Dates: Created: 1977

GLA Records, 1976, 1976

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 18
Collection number: Folder 18
Scope and Contents 1. Letter to Mr. A. Ray Rowland, President, GLA, from Grace Hightower re: letter concerning Records committee, recommendation to carry over members of committee, 01/23/1976; letter to Grace Hightower From Ray Rowland asking for recommendations of apointees to records committee, 01/16/1976; list with names of members of records committee members: Grace Hightower-chairman, Mrs. Ann Morton, secretary' record of records committee listign members from 1070-1075. 2. Letter to Grace Hightower from...
Dates: Created: 1976

GLA Records, 1975, 1975

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 19
Collection number: Folder 19
Scope and Contents 1. Booklet "Freedom of Expression in Libraries" GLA 1975 Conference, October 21-25, including program of events and exhibits, as wel as info on GLA committees, 1973-1975. 2. GLA Library Media Services, record of finance form federal funds. 3. "The History of the Georgia Association of Library Assistants: by Elizabeth Anslow (A Master's paper prepared for Librarianship 397, Division of Librarianship, Emory University, GA June, 1958. (05/07/1975) 4. Letter to GLA members from Ray Rowland...
Dates: Created: 1975

GLA Records, 1974, 1974

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 20
Collection number: Folder 20
Scope and Contents 1. Letter to Mrs. Christine Landram, Chairman, Governmental Relations Committee, GLA, from Garce Hightower, 12/27/1974 enclosing information; letter to Garce Hoghtower form mrs. Landram, about suggestion for delegation form GLA to visit Governor and informaton to be presented, 12/04.1974; attachment of information on GLA Media Library Services 2. Minutes for meeting of GLA Executive Board, presiding president: Mary Louise Rheay, 01/11/1974 submitted by Ann Morton 3. List with names of Officers...
Dates: Created: 1974

GLA Records, 1973, 1973

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 21
Collection number: Folder 21
Scope and Contents 1. Letter to Members of GLA form Mrs. Margaret Kerr, Presidwnt with information on progress of GLA Reprint project, 12/03/1973 2. Announcement of One Day Program on Non-Book Materials - cataloging, storage, management, 03/09/1973 3. Minutes for GLA Executive Board Meeting, 01/19/1973 (President: Margaret Kerr) submitted by Ann Morton 4. Letter to committee member from Mrs. Juanita Brightwell, Chairman, Ad Hoc committee, GLA, re: cancellation of Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, 01/15/1973; enclosure of...
Dates: Created: 1973

GLA Execitive Board Records, 1972, 1972

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 22
Collection number: Folder 22
Scope and Contents 1. Constitution of GLA adopted 04/22/49, including revisons in 1957,1961, 1965,1967, 1969. (committee: Roxana Austin, Mrs. Sam Fain, Mrs. Eugenia Sparrow, Mrs. Margaret Kerr, David, E. Estes- chariman)----- (3 COPIES) 2. GLA Constitutions and By-Laws committee, recommendations for changes in by-laws (not dated) 3. GLA By laws revisions to be voted on, 10/30/69 4. GLA Financial Statement, , 01/03/69-10/24/69 5. GLA Financial Report for Biennial Conference 1969 6. Correspondence: letter to Miss...
Dates: Created: 1972

GLA Records 1968, 1968

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 23
Collection number: Folder 23
Scope and Contents 1. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Advance Pla nning of GLA Conferences (Dorothy Blake, Grace Hightower, Mary Edna Anders-chairman) 07/24/1968 2. Minutes for GLA Executive Board, 07/27/1968, submitted by Cornelia Lowe 3. GLA Financial Statement 01/01/1968-01/03/1969 4. GLA proposed budget, 1968 (2 copies) 5. GLA Financial Statement, 07/27/1968- 01/03/1969 6. Minutes for GLA Executive Board Meeting, 01/05/1968 submitted by Cornelia Lowe 7. Memo to GLA Executive Board from President concerning...
Dates: Created: 1968

GLA Records 1970, 1970

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 24
Collection number: Folder 24
Scope and Contents 1. Report of ALA Councillor for Georgia Library Association, 01/1966-11/1967, GLA applied for chapter status in the American Library Association, 01/27/1966 . . . Submitted by Virginia McJenkin, ALA Councillor 2. Booklet for GLA conference, 11/2-4/1967, program and exhibit information. 3. Program for GLA Conference, 11/2-4/1967: theme, speakes, schedule 4. Memo to ALA members/members of GLA, from helen Fattig: President, GLA, concerning transfer of ALA Headquarters form Chicago to Washington....
Dates: Created: 1970

GLA Records 1965, 1965

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 25
Collection number: Folder 25
Scope and Contents 1. Cartoon Strip: "Be a Librarian"; Note on speaker for CYPL breakfast (Robert Burch), trustee workshop and dates on cover of anouncements program; "The Cat's Meow": Report on GLA 06/28/1965 2. Letter to Walter Johnston, President, GLA from sarh Jones, Chief Library consultant, concerning expenses for luncheon, and certificate for GLA, 02/03/1965 3. Letter to David Estes, Chairman, Special Collections, Emory University Library from Grace Hightower concerning revision of GLA constitution, and...
Dates: Created: 1965

GLA Executive  Records 1964, 1964

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 26
Collection number: Folder 26
Scope and Contents 1. Booklet: GLA Planning Workshop, 04/10-11/1964, program of events 2. Agenda for Executive Board Meeting, 01/10/1964, Atlanta. 3. GLA Report: Pilot Conference On Student Use of Libraries President: W.T. Johnston 10/12/1964 4. Booklet: Notes on State Library Association Activities, 1963-1964 5. GLA Newsletter on committee changes and information on upcoming conferences, 12/01/1964 6. Program for : Conference on Library Service to Students, 12/02/1964 7. Minutes for Executive Board Meeting,...
Dates: Created: 1964

GLA Executive Records 1963, 1963

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 27
Collection number: Folder 27
Scope and Contents 1. List with names of GLA Presidents, 1941-1968, Prepared by Grace Hightower, 08/02/1963 (3 copies) 2. Goals for Georgia Library Programs . . . 08/23/1963 3. List with names of Chairmen for CYPL Section of GEA1940-1970, 08/02/1963, prepared by Grace Hightower 4. Program: GLA Conference, 10/17-19/1963 5. Program: Biennial Conference, GLA 10/17-19/1963
Dates: Created: 1963

Student Assistants Organization, Fifth District, 1972-1973

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6
Scope and Contents 1. Handbook for Student Library Association, Fifth District (2 copies) 2. List with name s of 5th District Officers, 1972-1973, President, Janice Metzer, Northside High School 3. Program for fifth District Spring Meeting, 03/16/1972 4. Letter to Miss Janice Metzel from Mrs. Anne Ansley, 10/20/1972 apologizing for missing the 5th distirct meeting. 5. List with names of 5th District Officers, 1971-1972, President Steven Bragg 6. Newsletter for Spring 1966, 5th district, President Jan Brown 7....
Dates: Created: 1972-1973

Student Assistants Organization Sixth District, 1958-1975

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Scope and Contents 1. Correspondence sent to Miss Grace Hightower, Department of Education (Atlanta), announcing the Student Assistsants' "Media Rama" for April 1975, includes details of events and pre-registartion form. 2. Revised constitution for the sixth district, 1968-69. 3. Hnawriten notes witht eh names of 6th District Officials, President (Karen McClarathan). 4. Handbook of The Sixth District Library Association 5. Letter to Mrs. Frank W. Songer, Jr. Librarian, Baldwin County High School, from Grace...
Dates: Created: 1958-1975

Student Assistants Organization, Seventh District, 1973-1974

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 8
Collection number: Folder 8
Scope and Contents 1. Program for Seventh Distirct Gala, 05/09/1974. 2. List with names of Student Library Asistants, 7th District. (president: Rhonda Smith, West Side High School) 3. Memo from Mrs Hariet S. Susman, Librarian North Whitfield High Schoolabout candidsates for 7th Dist. Student Library association, 01/25/1974. 4. Letter to Mrs. Harriet Susman from Grace Hightower thanking her for forwarding information about the 7th District Library Association, 01/30/1974. 5. Letter from Rhonda Smith, 7th District...
Dates: Created: 1973-1974

Student Assistants Organization Eight District, 1954

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 9
Collection number: Folder 9
Scope and Contents 1. Suggested Constittuion for the Eight Distorct Student Assistant Organization, voted on durin fall, 1954. 2. Document on "Selecting and Training Student Assistant Librarians" by W. J. Moore, 08/02/1954. 3. Minutes of the Student Organization Meeting for the 8th District for 12/10/1954. 4. Constitution for the 8th District Student Library Assistants' Association.
Dates: Created: 1954

Student Assistants' Organization, Tenth Distirct, 1973-1974

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents 1. Pamphlet on the 10th Distirct Library assistants' association Gala, 1973-1974. ( Map outlining counties in the 10th distr., Officers [president: Gloria Hall], Program of events) 2. Suggested Constituion for the tenth distirct Library Assistants Association. (2 copies). 3. Constitution for the 10th distirct Association. (4 copies) 4. Minutes for meetingof 10th district 10/08/1973. 5. Letter to Grace Hightower, from Beth Clinkscales, librarian, Elberton Public Schools, 12/02/1954, enclosing...
Dates: Created: 1973-1974

Georgia Learning Resources System, 1973-1974

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 12
Collection number: Folder 12
Scope and Contents 1. Business card for Fred C. Mayfield, Coordinator, Georgia Learning Resource System, Special Education Program, Atlanta GA. 2. Handwritten note recording call info. From Ralph Crandall. 3. Abstract relatiing to proposed satellite centers for the Georgia Learning Resources System. (1973) 4. Letter to Ms. Ann C. Ansley, Consultant, Education Program, School Library services, from Ellen G/ Stern, Director, Metro-West Center Georgia Learning Resources System about workshop for Instructional...
Dates: Created: 1973-1974

Early Records of Georgia Education Association (GEA) and Georgia Library Association (GLA) Children and Young People's Library section (CYPL), 1945-1964

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 13
Collection number: Folder 13
Scope and Contents 1. Minutes and suggested by-laws of committee to organize school librarians, 02/03/1945. (Sarah Davis - Chairman) 2. Constitution and By-Laws for GEA-GLA to be approved, 01/23/1962. 3. Handbook for Officers of Children's and Young People's Library Section of GEA (2 copies). 4. Document of 36 questinnaires that were mailed to school librarians on 08/25/1964, in connection with a survey conducted on the cooperation between school libraries and teaching programs. 5. Budget for Library departments...
Dates: Created: 1945-1964

Early Records of Georgia Education Association (GEA) and Georgia Library Association (GLA) Children and Young People's  Library section (CYPL), 1954-1971

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 14
Collection number: Folder 14
Scope and Contents 1. Memo to Members of the GEA- TEPS Committee, from Starr Miller, Chairman, about report to Delegate Committee, enclosed is a copy of the report. 02/26/1968. 2. Program for the tenth district fall convention under the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) (2 copies) 3. Leaflet for Dinner Meeting of Library Department of GEA, 03/19/1964 (President: Mrs. Helen Fattig) 4. Leaflet for State Leadership Planning Conference under GEA, 05/15/1971 5. Leaflet for Communications Conference sponsored by...
Dates: Created: 1954-1971

GLA Records Committee Report, 1977-1979

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 15
Collection number: Folder 15
Scope and Contents 1. Records Committee Report, 1977-1979, submitted by Sarah Jones, Virginia McJenkin, Celeste Sproul, and Garce Hightower-chairman
Dates: Created: 1977-1979