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Folder 13: Awards Banquet Program, 2008

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 13
Collection number: 13
Scope and Contents From the Box:

Folders containing various papers concerning the different awards held by the GLA.

Dates: Created: 1971-2008

Box 69: GLA Awards, 1971-2008

 Box — Box: 69
Collection number: Box 69
Scope and Contents

Folders containing various papers concerning the different awards held by the GLA.

Dates: Created: 1971-2008

GLA Awards: Papers, 1986-1987

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 1
Collection number: Folder 1
Scope and Contents

This folder contains a funeral handout for Leroy Carter Childs, check requests for awards of the McJenkin-Rheay Award and plaques, reciepts for the plaques, some handwritten notes, a few copies of the standing committees, ballots for the GLA Awards, meeting minutes of the Awards Committee, and letters endorsing nominees for Awards.

Dates: Created: 1986-1987

GLA Awards: Committee Nominations, 1982-1983

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 2
Collection number: Folder 2
Scope and Contents

This folder contains letters endorsing nominees, handwritten notes, meeting minutes, and a report from the Awards committee. Also a list of Nominees for the McJenkin-Rheay Award.

Dates: Created: 1982-1983

GLA Awards Committee: Honorary Membership, 1971-1987

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Scope and Contents

Two copies of a document describing what Honorary Membership is. A list of Honorary members from 71-83 and a list from 71-87.

Dates: Created: 1971-1987

GLA Awards Scholarship Winners, 2007-2008

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 12
Collection number: Folder 12
Scope and Contents

Contains a transmittal form of the files for Mark Swails, Miguel Vincente, and Christopher Warren winners from 2007 and 2008 awards. The files contain transcripts, letters of nominations, list of needs for completion of award, announcements of awards, emails, and biographies.

Dates: Created: 2007-2008

GLA Awards, 1983-1985

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 13
Collection number: Folder 13
Scope and Contents

Contains ballots, memos, presentation, nominations, receipts, requrests for funds, proposals, meeting minutes, press release, call for nominations, and handwritten notes.

Dates: Created: 1983-1985

GLA Awards: McJenkin-Rheay Award, Draft, 1982

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 4
Collection number: Folder 4
Scope and Contents

This folder contains several copies of the requirements for the McJenkin-Rheay Award. It also contains a partial set of Minutes from an executive board meeting, discussing the McJenkin-Rheay Award.

Dates: Created: 1982

GLA Awards, 1986-1987

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 5
Collection number: Folder 5
Scope and Contents

Nomination forms, letters of endorsement for nominees, ballots, personal statements, minutes from October 10, 1986 meeting, agenda for meeting, list of workshop participants, and letters for nomination.

Dates: Created: 1986-1987

GLA Awards Committee Information, 1981-1983

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6
Scope and Contents

Letters concerning the meeting of the Awards committee, a draft and copy of the printed article calling for nominations of the Nix-Jones Award, minutes from the meeting, memos, a list of standing committees in the GLA Board, GLA Awards committee report, handwritten notes, and suggestions for future meetings.

Dates: Created: 1981-1983

GLA Awards: Nix-Jones Award, 1983

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Scope and Contents

sevearl copies of who can win the Nix-Jones Award, an article that ran in the Gerogia Librian, check requests and reciepts for plaques concerning the Nix-Jones Award.

Dates: Created: 1983

GLA Awards Committee Records, 1987-1989

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 8
Collection number: Folder 8
Scope and Contents

Details of all the awards and handwritten notes concerning those awards, press release concerning the Nix-Jones Award, a list of previous award winners, information on awards in states other than Georgia, nominations, remarks on awards presentations, future meetings of the Awards Committee, minutes from meetings, other handwritten notes, empty check requests,

Dates: Created: 1987-1989

GLA Awards Committee, 1990-1991

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 9
Collection number: Folder 9
Scope and Contents

Contains nominations and winners of the Nix-Jones Awards, Honorary Life Memberships, the McJenkin-Rheay Awards for 1990-1991. Also included is a file GLA Awards Committee for those years, containing memos, minutes, lists of winners, publications, handwritten notes and check requests.

Dates: Created: 1990-1991

GLA Awards, 1991-1993

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 10
Collection number: Folder 10
Scope and Contents

Awards committee rosters, gala programs, receipts for plaques, An article for calling nominations, 1993 recipients, request for minutes, copies of minutes, and nominations.

Dates: Created: 1991-1993

GLA: Awards Committee: Nancy Clark, 1995

 File — Box: 69, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents

List of committee apointments, awards banquet pamphlet, fax transmissions, nominations, winners, minutes, requests for funds, handwritten notes, memos, agendas, standing committees, requirements for awards.

Dates: Created: 1995

Georgia Library Association (GLA) Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-595
Scope and Contents The Georgia Library Association traces its history back to the Georgia Library Club in 1897.  This is the largest library association and the oldest.  Its activities are documented here. This collection contains materials dating from 1897 to present day. These materials cover a range of Georgia Library Association topics including: financial records, associational policies, committee meeting minutes, general reports and correspondece, conferences, as well as GLA project information. The...
Dates: Acquired: 2005-08-08