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Box 73: Georgia Library Association, 1971-2002

 Box — Box: 73
Collection number: Box 73
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The Georgia Library Association traces its history back to the Georgia Library Club in 1897.  This is the largest library association and the oldest.  Its activities are documented here. This collection contains materials dating from 1897 to present day. These materials cover a range of Georgia Library Association topics including: financial records, associational policies, committee meeting minutes, general reports and correspondece, conferences, as well as GLA project information. The...
Dates: Created: 1971-2002

Georgia Library Association Scholarship Committee, 1971-1976

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 1
Collection number: Folder 1
Scope and Contents

Letters, statistics, forms, committee lists, notes, meeting minutes, and descriptions of scholarships.

Dates: Created: 1971-1976

COMO Pictures and Forms, 2001

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 2
Collection number: Item 2
Scope and Contents

A large, manila envelope holding a handwritten note, a printed letter, blank forms, pictures and proofs. Some pictures are identified.

Dates: Created: 2001

COMO: "Making a Weak Link Stronger", November 1, 2001

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 3
Collection number: Item 3
Scope and Contents

Manila envelope containing paper presentation, also includes floppy disk to be digitized.

Dates: Created: November 1, 2001

GLA Network "Network Committee", 1972

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 2
Collection number: Folder 2
Scope and Contents

Notes, letters, articles and other documents.

Dates: Created: 1972

GLA - Call for Papers, 1981-1982

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Scope and Contents

Drafts of letters, letters "Call for papers", and responses with attached papers.

Dates: Created: 1981-1982

Georgia Library Association, 1973-1977

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 4
Collection number: Folder 4
Scope and Contents

Miscellanous documents includeing letters, handwritten notes, pamphlets, handouts, reports and committee lists.

Dates: Created: 1973-1977

Georgia Library Association, 1979-1980

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 5
Collection number: Folder 5
Scope and Contents

Meeting minutes, memos, letters, agendas, lists, handouts, treasurer reports, booklets, and other miscellanous documents.

Dates: Created: 1979-1980

GLA, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 6
Collection number: Folder 6
Scope and Contents

Records committee meeting minutes, executive board meeting minutes, hand written notes, interest group, lists, printed emails, handbook revision, professional and continuing education group, constitution and by laws, forms, and other miscellaneous documents.

Dates: Created: 2002

Interest Group Council, 2001-2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Scope and Contents

Meeting minutes from November 2001 at COMO on Jekyll Island. Lists, and emails.

Dates: Created: 2001-2002

Georgia Library Association Membership Committee Documents, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 8
Collection number: Folder 8
Scope and Contents

Rosters, emails, memos, letters, reports, and other documents.

Dates: Created: 2002

GLA Nominating Committee, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 9
Collection number: Folder 9
Scope and Contents

Reports, memos, forms, and other documents.

Dates: Created: 2002

GLA: COMO, 2001-2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 10
Collection number: Folder 10

GLA Handbook Committee, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents

Consists entirely of printed emails.

Dates: Created: 2002

GLA Awards Committee, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 12
Collection number: Folder 12
Scope and Contents

Printed emails, speech draft, nominees, forms and backgrounds.

Dates: Created: 2002

Executive Board Meeting, 2002

 File — Box: 73, Folder: 13
Collection number: Folder 13

Georgia Library Advocate, 2002

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 1
Collection number: Item 1
Scope and Contents

A large, white envelope addressed to Guy Frost which contains copies of the Georgia Library Advocate, emails, and meeting minutes.

Dates: Created: 2002

The Georgia Library Quarterly, 2001

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 6
Collection number: Item 6
Scope and Contents

Manila envelope containing a printed copy of both Fall and Winter 2001 issues of the GLQ.

Dates: Created: 2001

Director's Meeting, September 21, 2001

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 7
Collection number: Item 7
Scope and Contents

Pictures of Tom Plough at the Director's Meeting.

Dates: Created: September 21, 2001

COMO Papers, 2000

 Item — Box: 73, Item: 8
Collection number: Item 8