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Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. University of North Alabama, October 5, 1996 [Video]

 Digital Image
Collection number: C00B2671-5537-C2AE-43EE-54E1FF4692A0

Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. University of West Alabama, October 10, 2013 [Video]

 Digital Image
Collection number: A490BBA4-F0F7-3C8C-4EE3-2571BBE95BC1

Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. University of West Georgia, October 25, 2003 [Video]

 Digital Image
Collection number: 2D4F3780-FBE2-9FA8-4BD6-3B4C4FB7523D

Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. West Alabama, Sidelines, October 10, 1998

 Digital Image
Collection number: 4FD85C92-9CCC-3797-497E-DCF760736EBC

Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. West Georgia, November 13, 1999

 Digital Image
Collection number: 6F3A97D6-3AFF-7CBC-486B-21AB34F1CB73

Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. West Georgia, November 16, 2002

 Digital Image
Collection number: 4F6A9047-B0FD-E495-418A-49B2897C986D

Valdosta State Blazers Football vs. Catawba College, November 23, 2002

 Digital Image
Collection number: D64D95DD-D062-DFB0-4A52-967408C05200

Valdosta State Blazers vs. Albany State, September 4, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 418CBDDC-B7CA-52B6-4F74-F58F2125536

Valdosta State College Blazers vs. Savannah State Tigers, September 24, 1983.

 Digital Image
Collection number: A341B2A9-CFCA-E6A1-42C3-DACF6A9F4D9F

Valdosta State College vs. Clark [Atlanta] College, Football game, September 8, 1984.

 Digital Image
Collection number: 7AAF52B4-E86D-7F93-4DDD-209D1384AB8E

Valdosta State Football, 1994

 Digital Image
Collection number: D0AD7944-A742-F984-466A-A9A33A6D3301

Valdosta State Golf, April 8, 2003

 Digital Image
Collection number: 7780C27D-7249-AFA1-4A11-8E4E9672C70F

Valdosta State University Blazer Football vs. Albany State, Playoffs, November 27, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 65AE806E-6EA4-8F8D-4584-1A2FF53A2A94

Valdosta State University Blazers vs. Catawba University Indians, November 24, 2001

 Digital Work
Collection number: 436B084C-5ABB-3D99-4DCF-60904DA7EFCC

Videoversity #13: Spring Quarter Recap

 Digital Image
Collection number: DD0BA299-BDA0-B197-47BA-875818458B9E

Videoversity, Episode 12, November 12, 1996

 Digital Image
Collection number: 28948AD3-E4DB-DBBC-4402-DA77CD21AC57

VSU Football Game: Blazers v. Carson-Newman, November 30, 2002

Collection number: UA/16/2/1_ER/001/01
Scope and Contents

Valdosta State University Blazers v. Carson-Newman Playoff, November 30, 2002.

Dates: Created: November 30, 2002

VSU-TV and WVVS-FM History Collection (Electronic Records), 1971-2009

 Record Group
Collection number: 79AABE30-1C49-AE84-4963-1B108B5CA1BC
Scope and Contents The VSU-TV and WVVS-FM History Collection includes papers, videos, and photographs created between 1971-2009 by VSU-TV, formerly VSC-TV and WVVS-TV and WVVS-FM Valdosta State University Radio Station; both of the Department of Communication Arts. Includes WVVS-FM radio station song playlists from 1971-1980, and c.1998; VSU-TV video files; photographs of VSU-TV personnel, c.1970s-2000s; and more. Videos and photographs digitized and availible online on YouTube and Flickr...
Dates: 1971-2009

VSU-TV. The Hal Mumme Show, September 22, 1994

 Digital Image
Collection number: 7B5467BB-E9BF-9E95-4235-F0485BC7D2E9