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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

B018: VSC Concert Band Performance, March 12, 1990 [Video recording]

 Digital Image
Collection number: 9D9E2B7A-9D13-4898-4938-9D6EA0092FA7

B20: Valdosta State College Concert Band Performance, March 5, 1990 [Video]

 Digital Image
Collection number: 157C2B27-64E7-3BA1-47B0-081866BC479C

Blazin' Brigade 1985: Football Halftime Show, Ft. Valley St., September 14, 1985

 Digital Image
Collection number: DBC6A518-6880-5FB1-47F7-EDA1CF1382C8

Blazin' Brigade Marching Band Halftime Shows, 1983-84

 Digital Image
Collection number: BC0A215D-4680-41AC-4A75-9820E878185A
Dates: 1983-10-08; 1984-10-15; 1984-11-19

Mayhem at Valdosta State, May 1997. Part II.

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Collection number: 11541C41-AEB5-6DA5-4D38-6ABDC2AAEA87

Mayhem at Valdosta State University, May 1997

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Collection number: 8B217AEA-B6AF-0A88-4582-58DC7A49F542

The Music Corner, May 23, 1996.

 Digital Image
Collection number: 175E8CDD-4DE5-DF95-4884-8EAA53F01391

Valdosta State Blazin' Brigade Halftime Shows, Fall 1987

 Digital Image
Collection number: D44C82FA-EF39-17BB-41C6-850ACCEED061
Dates: 1987-10-10; 1987-10-17; 1987-10-24; 1987-10-31; 1987-11-11

Valdosta State Blazin' Brigade Halftime Shows, Fall 1988

 Digital Image
Collection number: 99B3B2F3-3B7A-819B-45B5-D1F32A5FC8B2
Dates: 1988-10-08; 1988-10-29; 1988-11-07; 1988-11-12

Valdosta State College Concert Band, March 2, 1989. Video.

 Digital Image
Collection number: BF23E8BB-4436-F3AE-4D22-8A432F63E9CA

Valdosta State College Concert Band, March 8, 1988

 Digital Image
Collection number: E5395264-0296-A494-4068-B5FFDB7123B7

Valdosta State University Blazin' Brigade Marching Band Photographs, October 2017

Collection number: aq-2023-032
Dates: October 2017; Acquired: 2022-02-09

Videoversity #13: Spring Quarter Recap

 Digital Image
Collection number: DD0BA299-BDA0-B197-47BA-875818458B9E