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Southeastern Library Association (SELA)



For over sixty years, the Southeastern Library Association has been a unifying force strong enough to influence legislation and to attract foundation and federal funds for regional library projects. The accomplishments of the Association include two regional library surveys; the adoption of school library standards; the establishment of state library agencies and the position of state school library supervisor; the founding of library schools; the sponsoring of a variety of informative workshops; and the publication of significant regional research and a professional journal which has received national recognition.

Found in 78 Collections and/or Records:

South Eastern Library Association (SELA) Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-596
Scope and Contents The Southeastern Library Association (SELA) is headquartered in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and holds meetings biennially. It has published the Southeastern Librarian since 1951. The collection consists of the records and correspondence for the Southeastern Library Association from 1920-2008. Included are finacial records, committees, conferences, presidents, membership, reports, Solar Technology Transfer Project records and other materials. It contains...
Dates: 1920 - 2018; Majority of material found within 1970 - 1980

Southeastern Librarian Journal, 1979-2001 (Digitized Records)

 Digital Collection
Collection number: MS/596/ER02
Dates: Spring 1979 - Winter 2001; Digitized: 2021

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 29, No. 01, Spring 1979

 Digital Work
Collection number: 5a73766d-bede-4e89-80ea-f374bfb7ac7c

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 29, No. 02, Summer 1979

 Digital Work
Collection number: 583ee255-aac8-49b7-b9f1-a756f3c6b54b

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 29, No. 03, Fall 1979

 Digital Work
Collection number: ad843bc7-6768-476e-bf6f-c99c8fe4c382

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 31, No. 01, Spring 1981

 Digital Work
Collection number: f6d367ae-4f87-407a-be4a-12e2dc6a9cb3

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 31, No. 02, Summer 1981

 Digital Work
Collection number: a4c24335-d587-48ca-8b50-b89f9ef81680

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 31, No. 03, Fall 1981

 Digital Work
Collection number: f66173af-f00d-493c-aa5c-0f1a32ee7156

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 31, No. 04, Winter 1981

 Digital Work
Collection number: c05766eb-6119-4f98-8fe7-75fafa731296

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 41, No. 02, Summer 1991

 Digital Work
Collection number: dbe3c9ce-a77b-4c25-a930-592f853ac994

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 41, No. 03, Fall 1991

 Digital Work
Collection number: aee6bf8a-83db-4732-a499-85a74db13bc0

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 41, No. 04, Winter 1991

 Digital Work
Collection number: 2d33a44a-0008-4e7b-b836-044aa02b67ac

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 42, No. 03, Fall 1992

 Digital Work
Collection number: 02a3fe7d-399c-48ed-b82b-f4eef94ac637

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 42, No. 04, Winter 1992

 Digital Work
Collection number: d69aff09-f1dd-48af-b954-0cfbc7aaa31e

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 45, No. 01, Spring 1995

 Digital Work
Collection number: 7807f51f-db16-4c9a-9b87-212c96b3cf90

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 45, No. 02, Summer 1995

 Digital Work
Collection number: 44a78e0a-0a55-4917-87ac-d08ddd30629c

Southeastern Librarian, Vol. 48, No. 03, Fall 2000

 Digital Work
Collection number: cb9e5cf7-bcf4-4244-8376-59ef4d97e140

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.29, No.04, Winter 1979

 Digital Work
Collection number: ac3aca07-9dc1-42f9-bf3d-b938c0d551c8

The Southeastern Librarian, Vol.30, No.01, Spring 1980

 Digital Work
Collection number: 6a6812e7-b171-49fc-b74d-306faaebc6bd