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Pope's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery Inscriptions Wilkes Co, GA

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  • 1998-08


Photocopy of "Pope's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery Inscriptions Wilkes Co, GA" USGWeb. Pope's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery Inscriptions Wilkes Co, GA The Methodist Society, which was later organized into Pope’s Chapel Church, was first organized in August 1786. Pope's church is located to the west of highway 79 not far from Broad River on the south side of Broad Rd. in Wilkes county. The road is marked. Butler & Turner, Aug 1998. Source:


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Subject (names)

Allen, Thomas; Andrews, Celia Poole; Andrews, Edna N.; Andrews, M. J. C.; Andrews, Monroe B.; Anthony, Anna W.; Anthony, Willie R.; Bell, Alex S.; Bell, Clyde M.; Bell, Edward Alex.; Bell, George J.; Bell, Louisa C.; Bell, Louisa Walton; Bell, Myrtie E.; Bell, Tom W.; Bowyer, Marjorie; Boyd, Annie Elizabeth; Boyd, James William; Boyd, Julia Estelle; Bufford, Pearl Rucker; Bufford, Thomas Ethell; Bullard, T. H. Mrs; Bullard, William H.; Bunch, Gena M.; Bunch, Greg A.; Bunch, Linda G.; Butler, David N.; Butler, Elizabeth A.; Butler, George S.; Butler, Mary S.(A); Butler, Patrick H.; Cade, D. B. Sr.; Cade, Julia A.; Cade, R. B.; Cash, George P.; Cash, Julia; Cash, Marion T.; Combs, Farmer W.; Combs, Hazel Wheeless; Cox, Dempie W.; Cox, Henry B.; Downer, Betty L.; Fortson, Agnes Walton; Fortson, Benjamin W.; Fortson, Benjamin Wynn; Fortson, Charles John; Fortson, Elizabeth; Fortson, Lillie Wellborn; Fortson, Mary; Fortson, Ola Sturgiss; Fortson, Rebecca Ogilivie; Fortson, Ruby N.; Fortson, Samuel A.; Gilmer, Lamar Keith; Grimes, Steve L.; Guest, Hattie Lou; Guest, John H.; Johnson, Caroline S.; Johnson, Dixie S.; Johnson, Infant Daughter; Johnson, Infant Son; Johnson, Janie Bell; Johnson, Mary E.; Johnson, T. J.; Johnson, Warren W.; Johnson, William H.; Kelley, Elizabeth; Lovingood, John J.; Mercer, Elizabeth W.; Mercer, William G.; Mercer, Williamett E.; Mercier, Henry B. Jr; Murray, Ruth; Norman, Elijah Ben; Norman, Elizabeth Watson; Norman, Frances; Norman, Horace Manley; Norman, Lucy Dickerson; Norman, T. M.; Norman, Wilma Lois; Pearson, Jefferson W.; Pearson, Lucy; Pearson, Mollie R.; Pearson, Willis Jeff; Pullen, Emmie Bell; Pullen, James M.; Pullen, Thomas B.; Rosser, Tryon Jefferson; Rousey, Albert Roy; Rousey, Carrrie Edna; Rousey, Dorethy; Rousey, Henry N.; Rousey, Martha E.; Rousey, Mary E.; Rousey, Sara Willie S.; Rousey, Tryan J.; Rousey, William Micajah; Rucker, Charlie Leverett; Rucker, Clara; Rucker, Ethel Gertrude; Rucker, J. Frank; Rucker, Janie L. Bell; Rucker, Lucy C.; Rucker, Luther Walton; Rucker, Mamie M.; Satterfield, Annie Laurie R.; Satterfield, E. Walker; Satterfield, George W.; Satterfield, Georgia D.; Satterfield, Gerald Wylie; Satterfield, Infant Son; Satterfield, Irvin "Preacher"; Sayer, John T.; Scott, Elizabeth Jane; Scott, Frank Lindsey; Scott, Sara Butler; Seals, Rebecca E.A.; Spence, John Gervis; Spence, Mary Nan; Stuart, Ann Walton; Stuart, George F.; Tankersley, William Audley; Truitt, John Horace; Truitt, Minnie Fortson; Turner, Augustus Neal; Turner, Frances Rebecca; Turner, Lula Neal; Walton, Annie Fannie; Walton, Annie Willis; Walton, Bennie B.; Walton, Bessie Cash; Walton, Dorothy; Walton, Elizabeth H.; Walton, George Alexander; Walton, George Ben; Walton, George Bennie; Walton, Henderson; Walton, Henry Oscar; Walton, Infant; Walton, Jesse Norman; Walton, Julia P.; Walton, Lallette Bufford; Walton, Lillian S.; Walton, Mack R.; Walton, Maggie L.; Walton, Margaret; Walton, Myrtice M.; Walton, Olie A.; Walton, Olive S.; Walton, Oliver Ray; Walton, Pauline; Walton, T. A. Sr; Walton, Tom C.; Walton, William E.; Wansley, A. F.; Wansley, Andrew N.; Wansley, B. G.; Wansley, Beverly L.; Wansley, Ellen Burden; Wansley, Emily; Wansley, Infant; Wansley, Infant Daughter; Wansley, Mary Frances; Wansley, Quillen; Wansley, Steve; Wheeless, Carsvell V.; Wheeless, Carswell V. Jr; Wheeless, David M.; Wheeless, Frances A.; Wheeless, Infant Daughter; Wheeless, Infant Son; Wheeless, Joseph Lafayette; Wheeless, Julia R.; Wheeless, Mamie; Wheeless, Mary E.; Willis, Cynthia Margaret; Willis, Richard Major; Womack, Susan F.;

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