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Between the Worlds: Neo Pagans in Northern California, 1990

 Digital Work
Collection number: MS/150/27/1/ER001


  • 1990


A collection of ten mini-docs and music videos covering Contemporary Pagan activities in Northern California. The Berkeley Morris dancers start us off with several numbers at a May Day celebration. This is followed by a Heathen magic circle invocation demonstration by Prudence Priest. The handfasting ceremony of Rowan and Bran is performed by Priestess Prudence Priest of Northern Lights. Hoof and Horn take the stage for musical entertainment with a tune of the same name. This is followed by a ritual drama in the Norse-Teutonic Tradition. A montage of guests on Z. Budapest's television talk show 13th Heaven gives a sampling of the content and personalities on the show with longer coverage of Gwen playing a didgeridoo and guest Starhawk discussing the Goddess Movement and the 10th anniversary edition of Spiral Dance. The next mini-doc is narrated by Gwydion Pendderwen for his passion, Forever Forest. Whitman McGown performs his infamous White Folks Was Wild Once, Too. The collection ends with a live performance of the Charlie Murphy Band and their popular tune The Burning Times.

Between the worlds (Familiar Productions). “Between the Worlds: Neo Pagans in Northern California.” 1990. Prudence Priest Collection. New Age Movements, Occultism, and Spiritualism Research Library. Valdosta State University. Valdosta, GA.

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Table of Contents

1. Berkeley Morris dances (May Day 1990)

2. Rune Circle invocation / [circle cast by Prudence Priest]

3. Heathen Handfasting (some nudity) : [ceremony for Rowan and Bran performed by Prudence Priest]

4. Hoof and Horn / [words and music by Ian Corrigan] ; performed by Hoof and Horn (6:00)

5. Winter Nights 1988 (Norse/Teutonic) : [liturgical drama]

6. The Familiars [performing the Samhain Song]

7. 13th Heaven (Goddess Television) : [guests introduced: Glenn Turner (Ancient Ways), Anodea Judith (Director, Church of All Worlds), Diana L. Paxson (Author and 1st Officer, Covenant of the Goddess), Prudence Priest (Northern Lights Coven), Gwen performing the didjeridu, Raven Moonshadow (Reclaiming), and Starhawk (Reclaiming)]

8. Forever Forests (some nudity) / [Narrated by Gwydion Pendderwen ; song "Home Far in the Mountains" written and performed by Gwydion]

9. White Folks Was Wild Once, Too / [music video by] Whitman McGowan (some nudity)

10. The Burning Times (Charlie Murphy PCTV - 1985)



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