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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Grow to Love 1

 Digital Work
Collection number: 050799C6-A7F3-419D-445A-353FC8B87434
Dates: 1993; Digitized: 2020-08-31

Guy Frost Faerie Faith Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-150-3
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials related to Guy Frost's study of the Faerie Faith under Cliff Landis, including personal notes, biographies, correspondence, paraphernamia, and research materials on a variety of subjects such as: tarot, history of the Craft, and formative causation, and the history of Faerie Faith.There are also papers relating to the creation of NAMOSRL, beginning with the 2004 joint project between Cliff Landis and Guy Frost on an internet inventory New Religious...
Dates: 1933 - 2015

Linda Kerr Faerie Faith Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-150-2
Scope and Contents Faerie Faith is a Wiccan tradition with a foundation from the McFarland Dianic Tradition developed by Morgan McFarland (1941-2015) and Mark Roberts (1934-2012) circa 1971, Dallas, Texas. Mark Roberts left Dallas and the McFarland Dianics to pursue a new tradition, Hyperborea. Before moving to Atlanta, Georgia, he spent two year in New York. It was in Atlanta in 1979, that Mark met Epona and introduced her to the teachings of Hyperborea. Epona's and Mark's vision of what Hyperborea should be...
Dates: Acquired: Date acquired: 03/22/2016

Loy and Louis Stone Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: MS-150-16

New Age Movements, Occultism, and Spiritualism Research Library(NAMOSRL)

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: MS-150-1

Contains individual archival collections (described separately), books, periodicals, ephemera, paraphernalia, and research notes related to New age movements, occultism, magic and witchcraft, personal transformation, astrology, spiritualism, and shamanism.

Dates: Acquired: 2016-03-22

Open Source Alexandrian and Witches' Order of the Golden Dawn Collections

Collection number: MS-150-6
Scope and Contents

The Collection contains a variety of born digital items from the activities of Witches' Order of the Golden Dawn (WOGD), teh coven Circle of Cerridwen, and the Open Source Alexandrian tradition including, Podcasts, blog posts, essays, and other miscellenous publications.

Dates: 2010 - 2015

Pomegranate 1 (February 1997)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-01

Pomegranate 2 (August 1997)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-02

Pomegranate 3 (February 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-03

Pomegranate 4 (May 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-04

Pomegranate 5 (August 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-05

Pomegranate 6 (November 1998)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-06

Pomegranate 7 (February 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-07

Pomegranate 8 (May 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-08

Pomegranate 9 (August 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-09

Pomegranate 10 (November 1999)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-10

Pomegranate 11 (February 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-11

Pomegranate 12 (May 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-12

Pomegranate 13 (August 2000)

 Digital Work
Collection number: ms150-24-01-13