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College sports

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 43 Collections and/or Records:

FB1084 - Valdosta State Blazers vs. Albany State, Football game, September 4, 2004

 Digital Work
Collection number: 418CBDDC-B7CA-52B6-4F74-F58F21255364

FB1085 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Ouchita State, September 11, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 7B9F765A-D8C0-508F-4909-F32DFFE71B04

FB1086 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Harding University, September 18, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 753CE26F-962A-7A8F-45C5-1A726B193266

FB1088-FB1089 - Valdosta State Blazers Football vs. Central Arkansas State, September 25, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: F51CC4D1-FF0A-DFBE-4802-FA26DD377BC6

FB1089 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Delta State, October 2, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 720DCCFC-E04A-43B3-4B36-82D27A462773

FB1090 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Henderson State, October 9, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 20F5E260-292B-8C91-49D3-0A0DB409719C

FB1091 - Valdosta State Blazers Football vs. West Alabama, October 16, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: EE6E6458-052E-6292-4C28-951840B4A7AF

FB1092 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. North Alabama, October 23, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 77F34A8D-3330-0A88-425B-DA2862113C6F

FB1093 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. South Arkansas, October 30, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 2170DB63-C8ED-91AE-46E1-1097E95762E6

FB1094 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. West Georgia, November 6, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 437470FD-FD7F-1B89-4D0B-39C36BDE61D8

FB1095 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Carson-Newman, November 20, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 0D0822EB-0881-76BC-4359-068501C71668

FB1096 - Valdosta State Blazer Football vs. Albany State Playoff, November 27, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: E47AC9B6-D550-6192-4A08-4E21BB179233

FB1100 - Blazer Football vs. Pittsburgh State, Championship Game, Commentary, 2004

 Digital Image
Collection number: 3102D7EA-4DE4-DB94-4DA2-4490D1BDBF98

Valdosta State Sport History Baseball, Vol. 1-2, 1955-1977

Collection number: A3D87E51-C5FB-00B2-4714-E8BD3DAC5E50
Scope and Contents Valdosta State Sport History, 1955-1977. Book 1 -- Baseball. Volume One "The Years," and Volume 2 "The Players." Digitized book in two volumes. Black and white. Volume 1: 190 pages, Volume 2: 188 pages. Contents: Statistical history of Valdosta State College baseball, from 1955 through 1977. Volume I, The Years contains, to the best of my knowledge, each, and every player, who ever batted, or pitched for Valdosta State, and that player's correct, yearly statistics....
Dates: 1955-1977