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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Box 2: Civil Rights Exhibit

 Box — Box 2
Collection number: 2
Scope and Contents An exhibit consisting of multiple pictures and captions mounted on foam board. The exhibit is divided into two parts: Civil Rights: Arts and Culture, and Civil Rights: Education.Civil Rights: Arts and Culture showcases notable members of the African American community that have left their marks on the arts and culture of their community. People highlighted include: James Baldwin, Booker T. Washington, Althea Gibson, Jackie Robinson, Lena Horne, and Duke Ellington. ...
Dates: 2023-01-24

Civil Rights Papers

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: MS-134
Scope and Contents This collection contains materials relating to civil rights, dating from 1893 to 1962. The subjects covered include: civil rights, segregation, integration, the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. These materials are also available as scanned images through v-text: Harmful Content Policy: Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collection’s collection houses materials collected to elucidate the past. We recognize that users...
Dates: 1893 - 1962

Folder 2: Students for a Democratic Society, 1962 - 1964

 File — Box 4, Folder: 2
Collection number: 2
Scope and Contents

Five publications from 1962-1964:

The Port Huron Statement - Students for a Democratic Society, 1962

Student Social Action - Students for a Democratic Society, 1962

Goldenwaterism, Its Origin and Impact - Students for a Democratic Society, 1964

America and the New Era - Students for a Democratic Society, 1963

Goldwater and the White Backlash - Students for a Democratic Society, 1964

Dates: 1962 - 1964

Folder 3: SNCC Meeting and Member Notes, 1960s

 File — Box 6, Folder: 3
Collection number: Folder 3
Other Information Untitled, unsigned essay critisizing white involvement in the Civil Rights movement, especially the NAACP and SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee). The essay is written from the perspective of a Black person, (most likely written by Stokely Carmichael).Letter to the Editor (the Gazette): Complaining about Carl T. Rowen's critique of SNCC.A press release from SNCC News Service, concerning Alabama's primary election, May 3rd, (probably 1966). The press...
Dates: Created: 1960s

Folder 4: Stokely Carmichael & SNCC, 1966

 File — Box 6, Folder: 4
Collection number: Folder 4
Scope and Contents Transcripts and articles:Transcript of the Face the Nation Interview with Stokely Carmichael, Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, June 19, 1966.SNCC - 1966 Press Release.Spellman College, Atlanta, Georgia July 25, 1966 transcript of an interview with Stokely Carmichal and Randolph Blackwell.Photo copy of Los Angeles Times Article in which John Lewis discusses changes in SNCC leadership. July 29, 1966....
Dates: Created: 1966

Folder 7: Tallahassee Democrat, January 1985, Jan-85

 File — Box 5, Folder: 7
Collection number: Folder 7
Other Information

Articles by Margaret Leonard on prisoners, execution, babies, rape, courts, MLK, drugs, local news, and Florida Growth.

Dates: Created: Jan-85

Folder 11: Tallahassee Democrat, May 1985, May-85

 File — Box 5, Folder: 11
Collection number: Folder 11
Scope and Contents

Newspaper articles: Topics cover bills in the legislature especially concerning medical malpractice and the evaluation of teachers. A NAACP awards ceremony and speech are also covered.

Dates: Created: May-85

Houseal photo and newspaper clippings (Electronic records), 1985 - 1987

Collection number: ca-004-er002
Scope and Contents

Two newspaper articles and one photograph of Willie Houseal. Houseal Moves Into Hotter Politics: District 1 Councilman Expects Heavy Scrutinization, Valdosta Daily Times, February 17, 1985; and "Houseal Elected Mayor Pro Tem," Valdosta Daily Times, 1987-03-06.

Dates: 1985 - 1987

MS134-001 Freedom is Everybody's Job!: The Crime of the Government Against the Negro People, 1949

 Book — Box 1, Book: 1
Collection number: MS/134-001
Scope and Contents

This booklet is a portion of Crockett's summation to the jury in the 1948 trial of eleven communist leaders who were tried under the Smith Act for organizing as a Communist party. Crockett, originally from Florida, was a crusading Civil Rights lawyer. He was also a Representative from Michigan. (description by seller)

Dates: 1949

MS134-002 Home Mission Monthly: Negro Americans, April 1922

 Book — Box 1, Book: 2
Collection number: MS/134-002
Scope and Contents

Woman's Board of Home Missions of the Prebyterian Church in the US. This Presbyterian missions magazine was aimed at better race relationships. Articles include: The Springtime of a Race, The Part of the Church, The Negro in Industry, Climbing Jacob's Ladder, Promoters of Good Will and more. (description by seller)

Dates: April 1922

MS134-003 Elect Marvin Griffin Governor: State Democratic Primary, 1962

 Book — Box 1, Book: 3
Collection number: MS/134-003
Scope and Contents

Marvin Griffin, a staunch segregationist, ran for Governor of Georgia in 1962 against Carl Sanders. Griffin used his segregationist credentionals openly and the Confederate flag on his letterhead reflects the famous and controversial change. Griffin's letter mentions Martin Luter King, the C(and)S Bank and the NAACP. Sanders won, prompting Griffin to say, "A lot of people that ate my barbecue didn't vote for me." (description by seller)

Dates: 1962

MS134-004 Letter, 1958 October 9: Ernest Vandiver to Campaign Supporters, Georgia, 1958-10-09

 Book — Box 1, Book: 4
Collection number: MS/134-004
Scope and Contents

Letter from Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Ernest Vandiver, (he would be elected) to supporters. The letter no so subtly makes reference to segregagtion issues. After he was elected as a segregationist, Vandiver managed to keep the schools open and begin the process of integration. The address on the letter is the same building where the States Rights Council of Georgia was located. (description by seller)

Dates: 1958-10-09

MS134-005 Letter, 1944 July 27: From Josephine Wilkins of Citizen's Fact-Finding Move, 1944-07-27

 Book — Box 1, Book: 5
Collection number: MS/134-005
Scope and Contents This letter is from Josephine Wilkins, to Calhoun Georgia newspaper editor, J. Roy McGinty. In the letter she congratulates him on the Georgia Press Association's recognition of his editorial entitled "Negroes Civil Rights". Other subjects mentioned include the League of Women Voters, and county consolidation. Josephine Wilkins was involved in several different movements associated with human welfare. (description by seller) For more background information concerning Ms. Wilkins and a pdf...
Dates: 1944-07-27

MS134-006 Colored Voters Read: here is one instance of the treatment the Colored People of Georgia receive at the hands of the State Democratic Party. What evidence have the Negroes of this State that Schools will be provided for their children in case the Third Party gets Power?, 1894

 Book — Box 1, Book: 6
Collection number: MS/134-006
Scope and Contents

Broadside from Georgia Democratic Party to African-American voters, in which the Democrats attempt to say that they do more for black citizens than the Republicans. The figures are from 1893, so the broadside probably dates from 1894. Uncommon Georgia, race-related ephemera. (description by seller)

Dates: 1894

MS134-007 Committee for Georgia: Building Together, 1945

 Book — Box 1, Book: 7
Collection number: MS/134-007
Scope and Contents Four page (including covers) pamphlet on this biracial committee, founded in Georgia in 1945. This date is the only one on the pamphlet. The Committee for Georgia opposed racial discrimination in the broader context of related social problems of poverty, unemployment and inadequate education and medical care. Scarce ephemeral Georgia imprint showing early bi-racial co-operation for equal rights. (description by seller)Online access:...
Dates: 1945

MS134-008 Program: Second Annual Conference Georgia Interracial Committee, March 3, 1939

 Book — Box 1, Book: 8
Collection number: MS/134-008
Scope and Contents Second Annual Conference Georgia Interracial Committee, March 3, 1939. Program. (Atlanta: Georgia Interracial Committee, 1939).Lists Program of the conference, Conference Committee members and the executives of the Georgia Interracial Committee. This Committee was headed by a noted Gainesville, Georgia clergyman and the President of historically-black Atlanta University. The Committee focued on problems of higher education and the 1938 Gains Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court...
Dates: March 3, 1939

MS134-009 Study Outline, History of The American Negro People, 1619 - 1918, 1939

 Book — Box 1, Book: 9
Collection number: MS/134-009
Scope and Contents

This book was published by a book shop that was affiliated with the Communist Party USA. The book is organized as a series of lessons on African-American history for use in workshops and classes. This is the first printing. Which is somewhat scarce compared to the second printing. Interesting and important study of American blacks some twenty years before the Civil Rights movement. (description by seller)

Dates: Event: 1619 - 1918; 1939

MS134-010 The segregation decisions : papers read at a session of the twenty-first annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association, Memphis Tennessee, November 10, 1955, 1956

 Book — Box 1, Book: 10
Collection number: MS/134-010
Scope and Contents

William Faulkner, Benjamin Mays, Cecil Sims. Introduction by Bell Wiley. Significant because of essay by Faulkner, but Benjamin Mays is often called the spiritual mentor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Important document showing how prominent Southerners viewed early Court decisions concerning desegregation and hoe they viewed the future. (description by seller)

Dates: 1956

MS134-0011 Georgia Journal. Vol. 5, no. 9, September 28, 1957

 Book — Box 1, Book: 11
Collection number: MS/134-011
Scope and Contents

The Journal took up political topics of the day with commentary on Civil Rights issues. Bernd seems to have taken a moderate position, Criticizing both the use of Federal troops in Little Rock and Gov. Faubus' reaction. Contains a number of ads for Macon area businesses. Little-known Georgia publication.

Dates: September 28, 1957

MS134-0012 Tampa: Tar and Terror, 1936?

 Book — Box 1, Book: 12
Collection number: MS/134-012
Scope and Contents

Relates the story of the November 30, 1935 kidnapping, torture and murder of Joseph Shoemaker, and kidnapping and torture of other members of the Modern Democrats political organization, who were assisting cigar factory workers in Tampa, Fla. Mr. Shoemaker died 9 days later in a Tampa hospital. The police and others involved in the kidnappings were reported to be members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Dates: 1936?