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1860 United States Slave Schedules, Georgia

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 6405C63E-43A2-75BF-4F9A-AF72D44B8828

A Backstage Pass Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival, 1994

 Digital Work
Collection number: 1934FCFF693841356865625DC2332BFE
Dates: June 24 - August 28, 1994

Digitized Photographs: GSWC and SGSNC, 1926-1930 - Flickr

 Digital Collection
Collection number: A84A0026-6225-4783-98F9-D4BF1147A1D7

Eleanor Roosevelt Library Dedication (Digital Objects)

 Digital Collection
Collection number: E0E115E5-1D61-5F85-4502-94A539376CB9

Ella Trammell and Thelma Newman, Oral History Interview, 2012

 Digital Collection
Collection number: 9D240978-B985-1388-424F-FFCCC5DBBCD8

History of Pope's Chapel Church

 Digital Work
Collection number: 1182949E-1DBC-B591-4146-8B6C2DC8BAE1

James A. Shanks Land Sales, Papers and Plats

 Digital Work
Collection number: vsu018-001-008-001

Langdale Forest Products Company 1994 Calendar

 Digital Work
Collection number: FA589DD2-12F3-409A-A905-6719386DEE46
Dates: 1993; Publication: 1994

Pope's Chapel Homecoming Invitation, October 6, 1963

 Digital Work
Collection number: B4CA276F-2580-27A0-4C67-08D9C9545B71