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UA/23. Faculty Papers

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Collection number: UA/23

Found in 25 Collections and/or Records:

Catherine Badura (Oglesby) Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-6
Scope and Contents

AAUP or American Association of University Professors Valdosta Chapter Recurring-Dates: 1979-1996

Dates: Acquired: 2003-05-05

Catherine Oglesby Civil Rights Papers

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-31
Scope and Contents This collection of papers was donated to the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections by Professor of History Dr. Catherine Oglesby. They mostly date from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Containing newspapers, magazines, legal papers, and newsletters most of these materials were produced in the Civil Rights Era which gives a special insight into that topic. Subjects that appear throughout the collection include: Integration, desegregation, gender bias, cooperatives...
Dates: 1964 - 1975

David Scott Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-3
Scope and Contents

David Scott is a Professor Emeritus of Finance at Valdosta State University. The VSU Archives houses several boxes pertaining to his extensive publication history. Manuscripts, and research materials pertaining to Scott's  following works: National Works/ Stretching Your Income/Wall Street/Stocks and Bonds/Money Smarts: Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds/Dictionary of Accounting/Security Investments/ Our National Parks Guide/ Wall Street Words/ Financing Growth of the Electric Utilities

Dates: 1990's

David Williams Papers

Collection number: UA-23-20

Oral history interviews with Georgia residents during the Depression era, 1920's-40's.

Dates: Acquired: 2011-04-29

Death Notices

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-19
Scope and Contents

Death Notices for Faculty and Students of Valdosta State for the 1990s

Dates: 1990's

Dennis Marks Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-7
Scope and Contents Dennis Marks was a professor and head of the Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences department. He served from 1971-2001. This collection contains papers dealing with several associations and committees. It contains materials from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) from 1970-1990 including meeting minutes, agendas, conference materials, and correspondence. Georgia Academy of Science (GAS) 1986-1991 Meeting Minutes. Academic Council Records and Policies from 1972-1997....
Dates: 1970 - 1998

Donald Penny Collection

 Collection — Item 1-2
Collection number: UA-23-32
Scope and Contents

Donald Penny was a professor of Art from 1966-1991. While an Art professor he designed a large ceramic mural at the South entrance to the Fine Arts building. This collection contains preliminary designs for that mural.

Dates: 1981

Elizabeth Derrick Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-8
Scope and Contents Elizabeth Derrick was a Professor of Chemistry at Valdosta State University. She was also a member of several important committees and donated records from 1987-2002 including meeting minutes, conferences, by-laws, and correspondence for the following: American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Assembley of State Conferences (ASC AAUP's State Conference Organization), Grievance Committee, Faculty Senate. Also included are papers concerning the self-study of the Chemistry...
Dates: Acquired: Date acquired: 07/08/2004; 1987 - 2002

Elmer C. Ellis Papers

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-12
Scope and Contents

Elmer C. Ellis was a professor of Education at Valdosta State College. These are papers published by him about Children's Education and the School System in1957, 1970, 1972, 1977, 1979.

Dates: 1957, 1970, 1972, 1977, 1979

Fluker Stewart Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-2
Scope and Contents

Fluker Stewart (1921-2006)  was Director of College Relations for Valdosta State College from 1966-1985. He was an integral part of the College Faculty, and kept meticulous record of all that he did. Not only did he maintain all of his correspondence from his time at Valdosta State, he also collected newspaper clippings that were college-related. His collection provides a good picture of college affairs from the late sixties to the mid-eighties.

Dates: 1966 - 1985

Fred Lamar Pearson Jr. Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-14
Scope and Contents

Fred Lamar Pearson was a professor of history at Valdosta State College and University. This collection contains research notes and an article published by him: "Anglo-Spanish Rivalry in the Georgia Country: 1670-1691"

Dates: 1980's

Jane Elza Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-5
Scope and Contents

Jane Elza was a member of the Political Science Department who was involved in the founding of the Women's and Gender Studies department  at Valdosta State. Her papers involve the AAUP at Valdosta State for the 90s, as well as the founding of the Women's and Gender Studies Department. She was also very involved in the founding and early years of the Faculty Senate, and papers documenting the Faculty Senate are found here.

Dates: Acquired: 2003-04-02; Majority of material found in 1990's

Jim Black Collection

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-26
Scope and Contents

This collection contains wooden clock hands that were formerly part of Pound Hall's clock, as well as a beanie hat.

Dates: Acquired: 2003-06-08

John C. Huxford Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-18
Scope and Contents

John C. Huxford (1931-2008) was a professor with the College of Fine Arts at Valdosta State University. He donated vintage sheet music booklets dating from 1882-1964. Also inculded are numerous discographies, his thesis and research, and correspondence. He was also a c omposer and we have numerous compositions, which are at present unprocessed.  Other of his compositions appear in the collection Campus Memorebelia in Archon.

Dates: Acquired: 2008-10-02

John Dunn Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-9
Scope and Contents

Dr. John Dunn is currently a professor of History at Valdosta State University. This collection includes his publications, professional correspondence, outstanding student papers, journals from interns, and travel journals from Egypt, Uzbekastan, and Japan. Dr. Dunn also donated several vintage copies of French publications dating from the late 19th early 20th century, most notably L'Illustration. Several boxes of L'Illustration have been digitized and can be found on Vtext.

Dates: Acquired: 2003

John Gordon Crowley Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-21
Abstract The Primitive Baptist Church, also known as Hard Shell, Old School and Anti-Mission, emerged as a distinct denomination during the Second Great Awakening (app 1790-1830). Due to the success of the movement’s revivals, many churches (including Baptist Churches) formed missionary societies to spread the gospel of “free will”. Primitive Baptists maintained their belief in predestination and rejected missionary societies along with Sunday schools, bible tract societies, seminary education,...
Dates: Acquired: 2011-06-29

John H. Curtis Papers

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-11
Scope and Contents

John H. Curtis was a professor in the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice department. This collection houses papers he published from 1975-1978 about Family Counseling.

Dates: 1975 - 1978

Joseph Tomberlin Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-4
Scope and Contents

Joseph Tomberlin was head of the history department at Valdosta State University. His papers are from the late 1990s to the early 2000s and deal with SACS accreditation and the implementation of CORE Curriculum.

Dates: Acquired: 200-06-25; 1990's-2000's

Lena Hawks Instructional Reports

 Collection — Box 1
Collection number: UA-23-16
Scope and Contents

Lena Hawks was Dean of Instruction for Georgia State Woman's College in the late 1930s-1940s. This is a collection of statistical data compiled by her in that time period concerning the students of GSWC. Topics include: Enrollment and Testing, Grade Distributions for Elective Courses, Instructional Reports, Misc., Sophomore Comprehensive Exams, Stagger System, Study of Grades and Scores on State Tests, Survey Courses, Testing Programs, 1938-1939.

Dates: 1938 - 1939

Linda Chamberlin Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Collection number: UA-23-22
Scope and Contents

Linda Chamberling was an Associate Professor of Biology at Valdosta State University. This collection contains some of her research data, teaching materials, correspondence, employment records, and project data. Most of which relates specificially to biology.

Dates: Acquired: Date acquired: 00/05/2006